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Friday, March 24, 2023

Republican senators – about a new aid package in Kiev

Legislators representing the Republican minority in the upper house of Congress, James Lankford and Kevin Kramer, in an exclusive interview with the Russian service of media, explained what exactly the new financial assistance program for Ukraine will depend on and whether it is worth counting on the transfer of F-16 fighter jets from the United States or the start of training Ukrainian pilots in the use of such equipment.

In 2022, the US Congress has allocated more than $100 billion in economic, humanitarian and defense aid to Ukraine. One of the most important aid programs was provided for in the comprehensive budget law – it provides for 45 billion euros in aid to Ukraine. They are assigned not only to the Ukrainian government, but also to American ministries and departments for the purchase and resupply of weapons, support for refugees in the United States and European countries. It also provides a budget for the work of the inspectors general of the State Department, the Pentagon and the United States Agency for International Development, who monitor the use of funds and aid allocated to support Ukraine. Teams of inspectors have already started their work and this year about two dozen reports are expected on the intended use of the funds that have been allocated by the United States.

James Lankford, Republican Senator:

“The biggest challenge at the moment is (answering questions) where does it go? Where is the end? How do you control the use of funds? It’s hard to wish in a war, there’s not much opportunities to track every aid donation as people try to protect themselves and their families, so the big question is how do we make sure there’s a place for accountability in this whole process, and also what exactly we can do to help Ukraine and make qualitative changes. We will continue to do our best to help where we can.”

Kevin Kramer, Republican Senator:

“One of the reasons we supported the (last) $45 billion aid package for Ukraine is that it was massive and I think a lot of people were worried about (the prospect of) the fatigue of American taxpayers and that it would be increasingly difficult to send new funds. It is obvious that there is nothing more inspiring than the Ukrainians themselves. I think that we need to talk more through our own American media, in our circles of influence, why (support for Ukraine) matters, why Ukraine’s success is in the interest of our country and the whole world, in whose name Ukrainians are fighting. I don’t think it will be a simple political decision, there will be a lot of discussion and debate, but the majority of Congress – both Democrats and Republicans – will support such an effort (in allocation of funds).We will always require attention and control a increase the funds allocated, because it is not only money to fight during the war, but also to take care of people, for wounded soldiers, to maintain its viability. I think it’s very important for America to be a generous country, but also to be an example for others, like NATO countries.”

James Lankford, Republican Senator:

“Now the Ukrainians are arriving at Fort Sill in Oklahoma (the state represented in the Senate by James Lankford – editor’s note media) to train, which will allow the use of Patriot systems. The Ukrainians are showing excellent results ( learn to work) with this complex and more efficient system. What usually takes a year of study for the Americans, we plan to explain it to the Ukrainians in a few months in order to send them back as soon as possible. Ukraine is a very important to us, not only for the country, but also for my state of Oklahoma and its people. In 2017, our National Guard representatives spent an entire year in Ukraine – they trained the Ukrainian army in defense and helped them as much as they could. And we will continue to help in any way we can.

Training F-16 pilots takes more than a few weeks. The Patriot SAMs, which use surface-to-air missiles, require months of training and everything happens on the ground. It’s very different from training to fly the F-16, which takes years and Ukrainians don’t have the opportunity to spend years. Adam Kinzinger (Republican congressman who served in the 117th convocation of the US Congress – approx. “media”), who became the author of this initiative, knows this very well, since he himself was a pilot military. We must give the Ukrainians protection systems as soon as possible – it is air defense, planes they know how to fly, missiles and other weapons so that they can use them quickly. Our main objective is to send all this to the front as soon as possible.

Kevin Kramer, Republican Senator:

“Our president is more negative (about the F-16s) than other countries. I personally believe that the Ukrainian army has shown incredible ability and courage. Ukrainian pilots are certainly capable of flying F-16s or similar. I personally believe that they must be armed with everything possible to end this war as soon as possible. I think part of the problem is that we arm them for a long war, and I would like them to win a short one. Including having the capabilities of the F-16 – that would really help. But I think we also have to be careful – there is a risk that Vladimir Putin will be tempted to use the nuclear weapons at his disposal. But believe me, many of us want to equip Ukrainian pilots with fighter jets. I often talk about what is happening with my constituents, the historical context – and the Budapest memorandum, following which Ukraine renounced nuclear weapons in the name of a border (security) treaty, the history of World War I and II, Cold War. We have to tell the story at home, tell it to the world – it will have huge consequences.

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