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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Zhurova described the prospects for Kostomarov, who lost his feet


Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov had both feet amputated, reports TASS. Two days ago on TV they showed the finale of the program “Ice Age”, in which Kostomarov took part together with Valeria Lanskaya. Filming took place in early January and it was one of his last performances on the ice shortly before his hospitalization. Kostomarov rode very sick – it was obvious in the photo. Although the show’s organizers state on their website that “A month ago when the last episode was filmed, everything was fine with Roman.” We asked colleagues and friends of Kostomarov how it was possible that sports and commercial broadcasts brought the Olympic champion to disability?

“Weird question. Everyone is sick in the world. What are you talking about? Whether they are in sports or commercial broadcasts or just lying on the couch! Well, the question is strange! – producer Yana Rudkovskaya has reacted in bewilderment to “MK’s” request, “I’ll leave it unanswered.”

“I’m praying for his health, that’s all I can say,” Natalya Bestemyanova, the 1988 Olympic figure skating champion, told MK.

“Let me remind you that the finale of the show was filmed in early January. Slutskaya conducted it herself. And her presenter knew perfectly well that the person was acting sick. And the show must go on! Naturally, nobody cares. Well, it’s like the absence of an actor – there can only be one good reason,” another producer of the show told MK under the guise of anonymity that he was no longer surprised that the organizers of the Ice Age show, like its participants, remained silent and were unwilling to discuss the conditions of athletes in expensive television projects.

At the beginning of January, Svetlana Zhurova explained that Kostomarov’s pneumonia was a big burden on the body. Zhurova is an old friend of Kostomarov, together they won gold at the same Olympics – in Turin. The Olympic champion in speed skating, now a deputy of the State Duma, in an interview with MK listed the reasons that led to the amputation of the feet of her friend Roman Kostomarov.

  • Let’s be honest! To say he was tortured on the show isn’t entirely correct. It is a confluence of certain circumstances of the rapidly progressing disease, each of which affects the body in different ways. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Kostomarov, who was ill, went to perform in the cold. Reasons: negligence and somewhere his excessive self-confidence, they say “it’s okay”. I know people who did not participate in the Ice Age project because they caught covid and pneumonia. But they gave up the show.

  • Kostomarov did not reach the final of the show, but received a consolation prize from the sympathy of the audience, which amounted to 1 million rubles. His firm intention to perform until his last breath is therefore understandable.

  • Every show has a trade secret, you won’t know what fees they get – the athletes won’t tell you. And any show also involves a fee. That’s what the show is for. Skaters travel with him, perform in cities. Without remuneration, all these guys will not perform, it is their professional activity. Why should they do it for free, if the organizers of the show gather the public? Of course, they are paid. It’s different in every city.

  • It is known that the participants of the show were strictly forbidden to violate discipline and miss the shot. Two days ago, the Federal Channel showed the performance of the finalists, among whom was Kostomarov with reddened and swollen nasal sinuses.

  • When they see a serious threat to the health of the participant, he is protected from catastrophic consequences. I think Kostomarov’s situation was unrelated to the Ice Age. By the time Roman was no longer doing very well, the recording of the shooting had already been completed. It’s part of the show! – the deputy reminded that you can write it at any time – as well as show it.

  • Now, according to a TASS source, doctors are fighting for the hands of Kostomarov…

“I don’t want to believe it. I wish it did not go further with him and that there was no deterioration in Roman’s health. I want him to live. Well, then everything will actually decide. Everyone wants hot news here and resorts to different ways to find out. It’s too late to know if it’s true or not. We must pray for Roma, so that he comes out.

I understand Oksana (Domnina, Kostomarov’s wife – editor’s note) who does not come into contact even with close friends. The Kostomarov family has properly isolated itself from everyone, because there is too much false information and guesswork, and then the confidential information is invaded by new alleged details.

We must gradually become aware of all this. Then there will be rehabilitation. Her life will definitely change. It’s a very difficult time for Roman, including psychologically, so close people need to be with him, support him.

  • What can the Olympic figure skater Roman Kostomarov count on without legs?
  • He can reformat in another sport if he wishes. You have to understand that Roman is not 20 years old. I’m sure he can be a full-fledged coach – and it doesn’t matter if he has prosthetics or not. He can organize a show, make his own school, be its director. I’m sure people will enjoy working with him. The main thing is that Roman himself does not give up and there is no loss of spirit. We all need to help him gain a new interest.

I think Roman will be able to go on the ice and even show something, but it is clear that he will not have full-fledged figure skating.

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