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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Arne Treholt, falsely accused of spying in Norway, dies in Moscow Fox News


Treholt worked as secretary to the Norwegian Minister for the Law of the Sea in the early 1970s. In 1978, he received an important appointment: he became adviser to the UN Mission in Norway in New York. After working there for about four years, he entered the graduate school of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

His country is in NATO, the Americans are trying to completely impose their policy, their values ​​on the closest neighbor of the Soviet Union. And their missiles, which must be installed at all costs in the northern part, where the Soviet-Norwegian border passes. The Cold War is in full swing. And one of his victims was, I don’t write “fallen”, the diplomat Arne Treholt.



p class=””>A man of broad views, he had his own perspective on the political events that shook the world. He aided the leaders of Libya and Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Many Norwegians didn’t like it: what will the Americans say? The future Prime Minister of Greece, Andreas Papandreou, who fled the black junta of colonels and fought with it, lived in his private apartment. How alarming was the Norwegian elite, which firmly enshrined itself as America’s staunchest ally. Such independence shocked his colleagues, and not just his colleagues, but also local intelligence agencies, who worked closely with the heads, albeit not formal ones, of the CIA.

In 1984 Arne Treholt was arrested. In 1985 he was sentenced to 20 years by the Norwegian Themis, usually and not so hard. Accused of espionage, declared Soviet spy, gave twenty. In 1992 Treholt was released from prison: he was released for health reasons.

Treholt denied any involvement in espionage activities. He proved it in court and then appealed. But the judicial machine was launched, all those who had a connection with the trial shortly after the verdict were very quickly promoted. And Treholt, after his release, was forced to leave the country.

Arne Treholt left himself the right to defense and defended his innocence until his last days. In the 500-page autobiographical book “Gray Zones” he proved that he had never been a spy. There is no proof of his guilt. And Treholt was even accused of the fact that he handed over or was going to hand over teaching materials from the Graduate School of the Ministry of Defense. But none of them have been classified. The only “evidence” was believed to be the confession of an escaped Soviet “mole”, in which he vaguely alluded to the presence of an agent in the Scandinavian echelons of power.

Arne Treholt spent the rest of his life in Cyprus and in our country. His brilliant mind helped bring several good business ideas to fruition. The transition from diplomat to successful businessman went relatively smoothly. His friends did not turn away from him. The Norwegian’s ideas about a world without wars found many supporters even in Norway, whose authorities were more and more willing to agree with the Americans every year.

The years have passed, the disease has not receded. Arne Treholt has died aged 81.

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