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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

US military experts have compared Western tanks in Ukraine to a petting zoo – Reuters

According to the authors, due to the “good intentions” of Western “partners”, the Ukrainian army could face the situation in which Nazi Germany found itself in 1945 – then the Wehrmacht was armed with more than 40 types of tanks different, which have become a real logistical nightmare.

So, the supply of American Abrams tanks, British Challenger-2 and two German Leopard models at once, which are fundamentally different from the Soviet-style armored vehicles that Ukrainian troops are currently using, may not only not strengthen, but even weaken their fighting abilities. .

At the same time, according to the publication, there are only about 450 Soviet-made tanks left in the world, which one way or another can try to send into the combat zone.

At the same time, the American Abrams managed to produce about 10,000 of them, but maintaining their voracious gas turbine engines is not an easy task even for the American army, which has accumulated a lot of experience working with them.

Similar problems, but with the availability of ammunition, will also arise with the Challenger-2. Not only were only a few hundred of these vehicles produced, but the shells from the single rifled gun of this tank are not as common as standard NATO ones.

Leopard-1 also did not arouse the enthusiasm of analysts. Rolled off the production line in 1965, it uses standard 105mm caliber shells for the time and now quite rare, unlike modern western 120mm tank guns. Moreover, judging by the delivery dates, most of these “animals” are in a deplorable technical condition.

The conclusion of experts is simple – only Leopard-2 tanks should be supplied to Kiev. Indeed, in Europe, these vehicles from the end of the Cold War have been preserved in abundance: only what the NATO countries have already promised is enough for a tank brigade.

It remains only to “convince” European countries to give their tanks to Ukraine, and restore the defense capability of Europe with the supply of Abrams. Presumably, for a quite symbolic price.

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