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Weigh the pros and cons: is it worth getting your nails done during pregnancy?

Elongated nails are comfortable and beautiful. But many women, preparing to become mothers, worry, is it so safe, will it harm the unborn child? Anastasia Petrova, executive director of the NailMaker Bar salon network, answered these questions in detail.

“If a woman had extensions done regularly before pregnancy and tolerated well, there are no specific contraindications to the procedure. But, in any case, before going to the nail salon , you should consult the doctor who manages your pregnancy. And, of course, you should not accumulate if there is an allergy to any of the components of the preparations used by the master, “comments the executive director of the channel of NailMaker Bar salons.

What can cause problems?

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During pregnancy, the hormonal background of a woman changes, and an allergy may occur to drugs and drugs that did not cause such a reaction before. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful, because the body of the expectant mother is unpredictable.

It is also important to know that the primer used in acrylic nail extensions contains methacrylate, an extremely harmful substance that has a specific smell. In women with lung problems, it can cause asthma attacks and choking. And even if it did not cause allergies, a pregnant woman may have an unpredictable reaction. With the accumulation of gel there is no such smell, but the substances contained in it can cause allergic rhinitis.

“One of the reasons NailMaker bars don’t use acrylic extensions is the strong smell. We use gel, which is a porous polymer. Due to its ability to let air through, it allows the nails to breathe. In addition, the gel-coated nails continue to grow and stop chipping,” says Anastasia Petrova, executive director of the NailMaker Bar salon chain.

Another problem is the use of poor-quality materials by the master, the inhalation of vapors from which can cause undesirable consequences in the body of the future mother. Women at risk of premature termination of pregnancy should be especially careful.

Pregnant women are advised to abandon the procedure in the first trimester, since at this time the organs of the child are laid, and any negative impact may affect its development. During the first three months, it is even forbidden to take a number of medications.

What if you really wanted to?

If the desire to grow nails does not disappear, a number of rules should be followed:

Choose a qualified specialist and perform the extension not at home, but in a well-established salon, so that in the event of an unforeseen situation, you can receive medical assistance. Be sure to notify the master of your situation and ask to open a window for better ventilation of the room. Choose nail salons with a sufficient area, because in small, poorly ventilated rooms harmful fumes accumulate and a pregnant woman can inhale them, and they will reach the baby through blood, which will become the gateway to the ‘infection.


Many manicurists do not recommend their clients to build nails during pregnancy, because the hormonal background of a woman changes and affects the condition of the nails – the materials can come off the nail plate, and the result will be short. duration. You need to remember this and ask the master to offer you other types of coverage.

A pregnant woman transfers most of the nutrients and vitamins to the child, so she often develops brittle and brittle nails. In the event that the client is concerned about the deterioration of his condition due to hormonal changes, lamination or restoration of the nail plate with special non-toxic preparations may be recommended. They help to densify the keratin scales of the nail, preventing its destruction.

You can also strengthen your nails with the help of gel polish base, with its help you can even lengthen them by a few millimeters. The gel polish itself is non-toxic; an acid-free primer is used when applying it.

Manicure “Vortex”, 2022

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Usually, a colorfast coating cannot be applied over the treatment base and cured in a lamp. On nails laid with gel or acrylic, such a coating can be applied. This is the fundamental difference. If you want to achieve a healing effect, you need to do without color. There are also special products to strengthen thin, brittle or damaged nails, which are considered ideal care and recovery after the removal of acrylic coatings. With them you can apply persistent colored varnishes and dry in a lamp.

In the third trimester, it is recommended to cut the nails so as not to injure the baby after childbirth.

The expectant mother should be beautiful, and nail extension during pregnancy is quite acceptable, but it is worth taking a more serious approach to choosing a master and methodology. In case of discomfort, it is better to refuse the procedure.

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