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Thursday, March 23, 2023

George Soros: The Controversial Philanthropist Advocating for Islamist Causes and Criticizing Prime Minister Modi and Gautam Adani

Although in the recent time, George Soros, an extremely controversial and insane darling of jihadists and Islamists is hitting news headlines in the region for his nefarious remarks on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Soros has always been anti-Hindu and anti-India.

Back in October 2020, while talking to the audience in Davos at the World Economic Forum, he branded India’s patriotic nationalist forces as a “great enemy” and pledged to donate US$1 billion to establishing a Muslim university in India “to fight authoritarian governments”.

Muslim university to fight authoritarian governments? Really? In that case, it is essential to ask this rowdy man – aren’t the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan and the mullah regime in Iran “authoritarian”? What about most of the Arab countries, including Qatar? Does Soros consider the Taliban, Iranian mullahs, the Qatari regime, and others like them as “not-authoritarian”? Or it can also be asked – does George Soros at all understand the meaning of the terminology “authoritarian” or he wants to push his own formula in the global world order by only endorsing his own puppets as “not authoritarian”?

In July 2021, George Soros became angry when it was reported in the media that the European Court of Justice imposed a ban on women stating “European employers can ban workers from wearing any visible sign of their political, philosophical or religious beliefs”. Soros quickly came on his Twitter handle stating: “In a setback for equality and Muslim women’s participation in public life, a European court rules that private employers can fire workers for wearing headscarves and other religious symbols”.

Back in August 2016, Clifford D May, Founder & President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) wrote:

“… About five years ago, it became clear that a concerted effort was underway to defame me and the national security policy institute I founded just after the Sept. 11 attacks, along with other individuals and groups focusing on the toxic ideologies that had been gaining ground in what we now call the Muslim world. The activists’ goal was to brand us as “Islamophobes” — haters, racists, and bigots who should be shunned, drummed out of the public square, and made to shut the hell up.

“What I didn’t know then was that this smear campaign was being financed by world-famous billionaire and leftist philanthropist George Soros. Recently, a website called DCLeaks purloined and published online more than 2,500 files from Mr. Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF)”.

In August 2016, DC Leaks, a group of hackers, hacked into the Soros files and released them. More than 2,576 documents, including strategies, plans, and funding requests, from Soros-funded organizations, including the think tank The Open Society Foundation, were posted on

It is interesting to note that a 2011 document that was made public which details the Open Society Foundation’s efforts to encourage criticism of hardline opponents of Islamic radicalism.

On August 16, 2016, the Middle East Forum (MEF) in a report said, “An anonymous website ( released over 2,500 confidential files from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) on August 13, shedding light on the hedge fund billionaire’s funding of anti-Israel and pro-Islamist organizations.

“The leaked files include an internal memo from 2011 titledExtreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civic Discourse.” It discusses a $200,000 OSF grant to the Center for American Progress (CAP) to “research and track the activities” of the Middle East Forum and other NGOs working to combat the spread of radical Islam in America.

“Sure enough, in 2011, CAP published a 138-page report, Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, which condemned Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes as a “misinformation expert” whose “alarmist rhetoric” encourages anti-Muslim stereotyping, charges repeated in a follow-up report in 2015.

“The Soros-funded CAP assault on the Middle East Forum is part and parcel of its support for American Islamist groups. Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is hailed in Fear, Inc. as a “civil rights group.” In 2013, CAP issued a report asserting that the “basic tenets of Sharia” are “familiar to any Christian or Jew: faith in a single god, prayer, charitable giving, and fasting”.”

Exposing George Soros’ romance with Islamists and jihadists, Colorado Politics in an opinion editorial said, “About five years ago, it became clear that a concerted effort was underway to defame me and the national security policy institute I founded just after the 9/11 attacks, along with other individuals and groups focusing on the toxic ideologies that had been gaining ground in what we now call the Muslim world. The activists’ goal was to brand us as “Islamophobes” — haters, racists, and bigots who should be shunned, drummed out of the public square, and made to shut the hell up.

“What I didn’t know then was that this smear campaign was being financed by world-famous billionaire and leftist philanthropist George Soros. Recently, a website called DCLeaks purloined and published online more than 2,500 files from Mr. Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF)”.

On April 18, 2020, The Washington Free Beacon in a report said, “A George Soros-backed Muslim group, which cohosts a conference that in recent years drew speakers who called homosexuality a “disease” and defended terrorist groups, announced its endorsement of Joe Biden for president.”

The report further said, “Emgage (the group funded by George Soros), which bills itself as the largest Muslim PAC in the country, on Thursday announced it would switch its endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) to Biden. The group cited Biden’s promises to end President Donald Trump’s travel bans, increase the refugee admissions cap, and overhaul the immigration system. Biden said he was “honored” to receive the endorsement.

“Emgage has collaborated with a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group on events that in recent years attracted speakers who openly opposed LGBT rights and supported terror groups. Last year, Emgage became an official cohost of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conferences. ISNA was previously revealed to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood network—though it claims it is no longer associated with the group”.

In an editorial published on August 24 titled ‘The Cult of Soros: A New Foreign Policy’, The Wall Street Journal said, “Has the Democratic Party become a cult? And is left-wing billionaire George Soros its guru? (“A Self-Defeating War,” editorial page, Aug. 15). The chorus of hosannas with which left-wing bloggers now greet Mr. Soros’s silliest utterances — and the faithfulness with which Democratic leaders repeat them — suggests that the answer to both questions is yes.

Take the current Democratic mantra that if there are terrorists in the world, George Bush has created them. This is a familiar Soros-ism. As he has done many times before, Mr. Soros decries President Bush’s characterization of the global conflict as a “war on terror” as “a misleading figure of speech applied literally [which] has unleashed a real war fought on several fronts — Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalia — a war that has killed thousands of innocent civilians and enraged millions around the world . . . we can escape it only if we Americans repudiate the war on terror as a false metaphor”.

The Islamic jihad was on the march — and killing Americans — for 20 years before George Bush employed the metaphor. Back in 1979, the streets of Tehran were already filled with a million frenzied Muslims chanting “Death to America”, and the 9/11 attacks were themselves hardly in response to anything the American president had said.

But because this judgment is the considered wisdom of a billionaire whose network controls the purse strings of the Democratic Party, this is now the foreign policy of the liberal opposition. When George Soros speaks, Democrats listen.”

George Soros has not only been funding and promoting Islamists and jihadists and conspiring against other countries, he also has been behind a series of notorious conspiracies against the United States. Some people also accuse him of being the reason behind the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Some analysts also said, the migrant caravan controversy, which had rocked the United States was a plot funded by George Soros. They said: “Straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Just moments ago, Lou Dobbs guest Chris Farrell (head of Judicial Watch) says Caravan is being funded/directed by the “Soros-occupied State Department”.

Commenting on the dangerous activities of George Soros, on May 11, 2018, the Valuers Actuelles newspaper in an opinion editorial said, “He is a man who wants the settlement of at least one million migrants a year in Europe, the abolition of borders, lighter convictions for crimes and misdemeanors for migrants than for natives, the disappearance of identity West or even extremely severe sanctions for countries refusing to take in illegal immigrants with their eyes closed.

“This man has tremendous power. It is thanks to his Open Society Foundations (OSF) that George Soros finances without limits NGOs, associations, and mobilization campaigns in favor of the reception of migrants in Europe and more particularly in France. Where States sometimes find themselves financially and morally deprived, he charts his course. He knows what he is doing and especially where he is going. In September 2015, the billionaire published a column (“Rebuilding the Asylum System”) in which he lists his non-negotiable points regarding the reception of illegal immigrants, to rebuild the European asylum system. Always getting involved in what does not concern him and under cover of good feelings to better create chaos, he suggests to the European Union to allocate a grant of 15,000 euros per asylum seeker per year and above all pleads for a massive reception. In September 2016, in the midst of a migration shock, he announced that he would personally fund $500 million to help migrants in Europe (“Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants”).”

On October 10, 2016, The Algemeiner in an op-ed titled ‘How George Soros’ Money and a Muslim Rights Group Undermined Homeland Security’ said, “A Muslim legal group, girded with $1.8 million in grant money from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), has helped influence major policy changes in the war on terror — including the Department of Homeland Security’s screening of individuals with suspected terror ties, and the FBI’s training program for its agents who work in counterterrorism.

Muslim Advocates (MA)’s Executive Director, Farhana Khera, played a key role in shaping the foundations’ spending. Khera co-authored a 2007 memo that “informed” the foundation of MA’s decision to create the National Security and Human Rights Campaign (NSHRC).”

The NSHRC’s goals included: Closing Guantanamo Bay, eliminating torture and methods such as the extraordinary rendition of prisoners, and ending the use of secret prisons;

Ending warrantless and “unchecked” surveillance;

Ensuring that anti-terrorism laws and law enforcement activities do not target freedom of speech, association, or religious expression;

Reducing ethnic and religious profiling of people of Muslim, Arab or South Asian extraction;

Decreasing secrecy and increasing oversight of executive actions, and expos[ing] U.S. government or private individuals who abuse or violate the law.

Some of these policies, such as closing Guantanamo and ending enhanced interrogation techniques, were also advocated by the Obama administration. OSF claimed its work laid the groundwork for implementing them.

In December 2018, the Washington Post published an opinion editorial where it referred to an article that said, Democratic donor George Soros is a “nonpracticing Jew of flexible morals”.

Please note, although George Soros is a Holocaust survivor, being a “nonpracticing Jew of flexible morals”, he has been dedicatedly working and spending hundreds of millions of dollars in enforcing his own theories and compelling many governments in turning into his puppets, while he has been a champion patron of radical Islam and jihadism.

In August 2016, The Washington Times in an op-ed said: George Soros was funding in discrediting critics of radical Islam, as well as scholars and journalists conducting research on Islamism’s historical roots and contemporary expressions, for example, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Exposing George Soros as a tax dodger, Daily News Hungary in a report, quoting Csaba Dömötör, a state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office said:

“Foundations play a key role in these tax evasion maneuvers”, the state secretary said, adding that Soros had moved 18 billion dollars into his Open Society Foundations alone.

“The Wall Street Journal is calling this transfer of wealth the single biggest tax dodge in US history”, he added.

On February 6, 2023, The European Conservatives in a report exposing connections between Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists and George Soros said, “The EU Commission has appointed former diplomat Marion Lalisse as its new coordinator for combating Islamophobia. Soros-funded NGOs and the Council of European Muslims have welcomed Lalisse’s appointment, which comes after an 18-month vacancy. 

“The appointment however is not without objection. The position has been the subject of ongoing criticism, voiced by MEPs last month, about the Commission’s relationship with Islamist-friendly activist groups, who are campaigning on the issue of Islamophobia.

The role involves coordinating with civil society groups and collecting hate crime data to better form a legislative response against Islamophobia at an EU level.

… The appointment was welcomed by Soros-funded NGO ENAR, which called on Lalisse to lead a “holistic, comprehensive, goal-oriented and intersectional approach in countering Islamophobia.” The group also called on the newly appointed coordinator to better implement existing anti-discrimination legislation on Islamophobia. ENAR generated controversy when it was revealed its director, Michaël Privot, was a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

In the prelude of a book titled ‘The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party’ David Horowitz and Richard Poe wrote:

America is under attack. Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are influential and powerful Americans secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in the shifting shadows of the Democratic Party.

Radical infiltrators have been quietly transforming America’s societal, cultural, and political institutions for more than a generation. Now, backed by George Soros, they are ready to make their move. These “progressive” extremists have gained control over a once-respectable but now a desperate and dangerous political party. From their perches in the Democratic hierarchy, they seek to undermine the war on terror, destabilize the nation, and effect radical “regime change” in America.

Commenting on George Soros, The Trumpet in an editorial said:

“George Soros can move world financial markets simply by voicing an opinion, or destabilize a government by buying or selling its currency.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed, Soros assigns people to divide nations and shatter them.

“… Soros saw that Britain could not maintain this high level, and he shorted the currency (essentially an investment betting that the pound would decrease in value). Other investors joined in, which helped force a devaluation of the pound so massive that Britain had to pull the pound out of the exchange rate mechanism. The maneuver won Soros $1 billion.

“In 1997, Soros bet against Thailand’s currency, the baht. Other investors followed. The Bank of Thailand collapsed, triggering a financial crisis that affected most major economies in Asia. But Soros profited. In 2013 and 2014, Soros bet against the Japanese Yen and earned another billion dollars.

“I am basically there to make money”, Soros said in a 60 Minutes interview about his role in the 1997 Asian financial crisis. “I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do”.

READ: India’s foreign minister accused Soros of trying to ‘determine how the whole world works’

This certainly reflects the nefarious, rotten, and rogue mindset of George Soros as he does not look into the sufferings of people and the social consequences of his misdeeds. Another important point here to note is – George Soros assigns people to divide nations and shatter them.

As we know, the dangerous George Soros has recently declared jihad against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he surely will now look for his mercenaries in India to accomplish his nefarious mission of putting India into trouble, and for sure, he will find leaders of Congress party as his best recruit. At the same time, George Soros may now begin a notorious game in the South Asian region with the ulterior motive of planting his own puppet governments in a number of countries – including Bangladesh. As Soros has always mingled with Islamists and jihadists, in Bangladesh he would find his best partners in Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami and by exerting his influence on Joe Biden and his paid agents inside the Democratic Party, this billionaire scoundrel may try to help these Islamist, anti-India and anti-Hindu forces return to power, thus using Bangladesh as one of his tolls of running acts of sabotage against India.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Editor of the Weekly Blitz, a Bangladeshi tabloid. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.

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