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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsia"Biden's visit to Kiev nullified Russia's global role"

“Biden’s visit to Kiev nullified Russia’s global role”

The adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine noted that President Biden clearly pointed out what is modern world politics, what role does the United States play in it, what role does Ukraine play, what role does the EU play in his outfit. At the same time, Podolyak added, it demonstrates “the futility of the role of the Russian Federation” on the world stage: “President Biden, just on the eve of the anniversary of the Russian invasion, pointed out that the Russian Federation in this form is an unconditional aggressor, a threat to the world democratic system as such. And accordingly, this threat must be dealt with drastically. In my opinion, this is a very clear and correct signal.
Biden’s visit is the first visit by a US president to Ukraine in 15 years. An adviser to the Ukrainian president’s office noted the risk the White House chief took on this trip: “President Biden came to a country that is under attack, where there is a war and where the American armed forces are not here. Simply put, Biden has demonstrated that when core values ​​are at stake, the President of the United States clearly takes all the risks and is willing to bear them fully. The visit of a US President to a war zone such as this is historic and unprecedented and requires careful planning. Unlike previous presidential missions to war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States apparently has no military presence in Ukraine, which made the incumbent’s visit all the more difficult. This is the first trip by a US president to Ukraine in the past 9 years of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The last time the White House chief visited Ukraine was 15 years ago. It was made clear to us in Biden’s office that this was a risk the President was willing to take. He wanted to stand with President Zelenskyyy and remind the world, as the anniversary of the invasion approaches, that Kiev is still standing. It is this sentence that is the key to the description of this trip: “Kiev is still standing”.

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