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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaMK: SVO members responded to Putin's remarks about promoting experienced fighters

MK: SVO members responded to Putin’s remarks about promoting experienced fighters



First of all, sergeants and officers who gained combat experience during the RF SVO in Ukraine should start being appointed to new posts, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly.
According to the Russian leader, “competent, modern and decisive commanders” should be sent to work in military academies, universities, and a “powerful personnel reserve” of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should be created. Moreover, those with combat experience are still wanted in the government at various levels, and simply “in civilian life”, journalists from the MK publication conveyed the words of the Russian leader.
So, a fighter of a special military operation in Ukraine with the call sign “Kondrat” said that he supports such a decision of Vladimir Putin, and combat experience is really more important than theory.

Knowledge of manuals is of course good, but the most important thing is to gain experience in combat conditions, especially here in the NVO area. I think if such people are in charge, it’s a big plus for everyone. The military will become even more professional,” he said.
According to the soldier, if a person has no military training and lacks knowledge, but has combat experience, then he can be sent for additional training, then we will have an officer with the necessary theoretical knowledge, which will be an ideal combination.
A fighter of the tank battalion of the Donetsk People’s Republic “Futer” disagreed with “Kondrat”, who noted that all cases should be considered personally.

You can’t take all frontline officers, even platoon officers, and elevate them to battalion commanders. I personally know of such cases, even before the SVO, when platoon commanders “wrapped” so many personnel in a few months that they should rather be judged, and not climb the career ladder. Second question: what to do with those who today occupy positions of command? And it’s not clear yet how the team will perceive the new commander, especially if the old one suited them more than well,” he said.
Outsiders have already appreciated Putin’s words about suspending strategic offensive weapons: “Biden won’t have time to run to the bunker.”

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