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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaPutin blamed the war in Ukraine on Western countries

Putin blamed the war in Ukraine on Western countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the war in Ukraine on Western countries and warned that arms deliveries to Ukraine by the United States and other NATO countries would only exacerbate the conflict.
“They started the war. And we use force to stop it,” Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.
“In December 2021, we officially sent draft security assurances treaties to NATO, but we received a direct refusal on all positions. Then it finally became clear – the green light for aggression went been given. The threat was growing every day, “said the Russian head of state.
The Russian president also criticized Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, warning that Russia would respond to them.
“One circumstance should be clear to everyone: the more long-range systems arrive in Ukraine, the more we will be forced to move the threat away from our borders,” Putin said.
Nevertheless, the President of Russia described the current situation in Russia as difficult.
“I deliver today’s message at a difficult time, as we all know, a defining moment for our country, at a time of cardinal and irreversible changes across the world, the most important historical events that determine the future of our country and our people”, the head of the Russian states.
The Russian president also expressed his complete distrust of the leaders of Western countries, noting that Western elites have become “a symbol of total and unprincipled lies” and that they would deceive not only Russia, but also their peoples. .
He did not specify which leaders he was referring to.
Putin noted that the task now is to launch mass production of new weapons on the Russian scientific basis.
On the economic front, Putin argued that Western sanctions against Russia had failed and pledged to continue working for independence from the US dollar.
Putin’s speech follows US President Biden’s historic visit to Kiev, where he reaffirmed US support for Ukraine and announced a new half-billion-dollar military aid package.
The set includes essential equipment, artillery ammunition, anti-tank systems and air surveillance radars that will help protect Ukrainians from aerial bombardment.
Biden and other US officials have repeatedly stressed that Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago and that Russia could end the war by withdrawing its troops.
Biden noted that his presence in Ukraine demonstrates American support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state.
“I think it would be essential to leave no doubt that the United States supports Ukraine in its war against brutal aggression,” said the White House chief.
The President of the United States noted that the United States and its allies intend to help Ukraine as effectively as possible in the struggle for freedom and independence.
Biden said the United States would announce more sanctions later this week against companies trying to evade sanctions and prop up Russia’s war machine.

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