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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsia"Russian Radio" shared unique footage from the filming of the film "Nuremberg" with the late Eduard Artemiev

“Russian Radio” shared unique footage from the filming of the film “Nuremberg” with the late Eduard Artemiev



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On March 2, the feature film Nuremberg is released on the big screens: an image of the most famous and moving trial. The tape was the last work of legendary Soviet and Russian composer Eduard Artemiev. The band’s media partner, Russkoye Radio, has shared exclusive footage from the creation of the film’s soundtrack.
The film “Nuremberg” is perhaps one of the most anticipated and significant films today. Filming was announced in 2018, it took almost six years for the public to see this dramatic film, based on the history of not only our country, but the whole world.
The script for the film was written taking into account hundreds of evidence and archival documents, which makes what happens on screen as close to reality as possible. The creators of “Nuremberg” carefully reconstructed the episodes of the trial that took place against Nazi criminals as a result of the results of World War II. The image recreates the smallest details of these days, down to the gestures and facial expressions of the participants. The tape seems to take the viewer to a cold and gloomy city, where the trial of the main evil of the 20th century took place. The historical context is underlined and placed there by the main accents of the lyrical love story, which contrasts so much with the horrors of the Nazi crimes.

The film is international. Professionals not only from Russia, but also from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and France took part in its creation. Part of the filming took place in Prague. Such a lively response reminds us of the enormous role of the victory over Nazism and the importance of remembering the events of almost 80 years ago. Do not forget them especially today, when the world is divided.
The main accuser of the Soviet Union was played by Sergei Bezrukov. Danish actor Karsten Nørgaard brilliantly coped with the role of Nazi criminal Hermann Göring. In addition, the Austrian actor Wolfgang Czerny, already known to the Russian public thanks to the film Sobibor, took part in the shooting.

Photo: NMG A special role in the film goes to the music written by Eduard Artemiev. The composer died on December 29 last year, only three months he did not live to see the premiere of the painting, for which he created an incomparable beauty of the composition. Today, the network obtained unique footage from Mosfilm, which captures the moments of the symphony orchestra’s performance of the soundtrack, as well as the work of the maestro himself.
Eduard Artemyev wrote music for cult Soviet films such as Solaris, Stalker, Slave of Love, Home Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends and dozens more. His participation in the creation of the film “Nuremberg” helped to give the picture a unique, trembling atmosphere.
Watch the new trailer for the film, which includes footage from the legendary composer.
It is noteworthy that the events of the Nuremberg trials are reflected so completely and in such detail in today’s cinema. After the Second World War, it seemed that the question of right and wrong in these events was forever closed, but now the streets of the countries are renamed in honor of the supporters of Nazism, and the member countries of the UN vote for the glorification of criminal ideology.

Our generation is too far removed from the events of those years, few young people have the opportunity to communicate with the veterans, and the younger generation has about the same idea of ​​the most terrible war of the 20th century as the Napoleonic wars , surrounded by the fictional novel of the nineteenth century.
The film “Nuremberg” comes out at a difficult time, but it should remind every viewer what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for, what Russia is still fighting for today.

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