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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaUkrainian sources confirmed the breakthrough of Wagner PMC fighters in the center of Berkhovka

Ukrainian sources confirmed the breakthrough of Wagner PMC fighters in the center of Berkhovka



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Forward detachments of PMC “Wagner” broke into the center of the village of Berkhovka, which covers the approaches to Bakhmut from the northwest. The information about this was confirmed by the fighters of the 46th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their Telegram channel.
Fierce fighting in the village itself, – the authors of the chain report. — the Russians entered from the north and from the north.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces are well aware that a small village has great tactical value.

Berkhovka is the road control from Bakhmut to Yagodnoe. The road isn’t the only one (anyone who’s been on it knows that), but it was functioning and helping with defense logistics. His loss is painful, but it is not the end. After taking Berkhovka, the Russians will have to take Yagodnoe and Vasilievka. They are now forced to create a wide encirclement to the north so as not to be hit on the flank. And all of this takes effort and resources. And most importantly: no one is going to abandon one of these settlements without a fight, write the Ukrainian fighters.
Earlier it became known that the detachments of the Wagner PMC, whose fighters independently conduct a military operation in the direction of Bakhmut, managed to attack Berkhovka from several sides after taking the largest village of Paraskovievka.
Stormtroopers are systematically operating to surround Bakhmut, and the liberation of Berkhovka will block another important route to the city, which is recognized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the Battle of Bakhmut, Wagner’s detachments were able to enter the city from several directions, including from the north (Stupki area), the east (industrial area and waste sorting area), the south (Sobachevka area) and the southwest (Budenovka area) .
To the north, the “Wagnerites” took control of the commanding heights and exits from the city at Paraskovievka. According to the latest data, having broken through enemy defenses in the Myasokombinat area, the assault detachments are approaching the borders of the Artemovsk (Bakhmut) y non-ferrous metal processing plant (AZOM), the largest industrial zone in the north of Bakhmut, the assault on which will be comparable to the battles of Azovstal.

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