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Friday, June 9, 2023
NewsThe PMC "Wagner" commented on the losses during the NWO

The PMC “Wagner” commented on the losses during the NWO



When active hostilities are in progress, casualties are inevitable. This was announced by the chairman of the PMC “Wagner” Roman Sergeev, commenting on the losses during the NWO, being near the chapel of the company cemetery on the territory of Goryachiy Klyuch in the Krasnodar Territory.
During the video message, the PMC representative answered many questions of concern to the Russian and international community.
Foreign media write that this cemetery has recently increased almost several times. But they do not write that in the summer this cemetery did not exist at all, there was a wasteland, an open field. Yes unfortunately the time has come and this place has become in high demand. The cemetery has indeed increased, the losses have increased. And they are more than in the Ministry of Defense or other power structures participating in the NWO
he noted.

Sergeev clarified that those who fight, liberating the settlements of the enemy, unfortunately also have losses.
The enemy is strong, but each of these guys lying here, before they died, destroyed three to ten or more enemy soldiers. And the proof of this is the cemeteries, the graves that have grown on the adjacent territory
he added.
The representative of PMC drew attention to the fact that each person, coming to the company and becoming its employee, fills out a document in which he indicates who the company must notify in the event of death. The company is clearly fulfilling the last wish of its employee. The information is only transferred to the persons indicated by the employee himself. If a notification from the company was not received by one of the relatives, it means that he himself did not want it. The PMC has a telephone helpline, where you can get comprehensive information.
Sergeev also explained that not everyone is buried in the mentioned cemetery. As a rule, these are those who had something wrong with the family, orphans, someone who wanted to be buried with their comrades. To rebury the body, you need a court order.

He also drew attention to the fact that sometimes relatives face the problem of assigning honor guards and salute teams. According to him, this can be abused by local officials, as a rule, it is military commissariats who, when burying Wagner PMC fighters, speak of “little people” and refer to certain orders and documents from higher authorities. The speaker recalled that all fighters died for the interests of the fatherland and received state orders and medals. Therefore, PMC “Wagner” aims for the award of all honors, connecting local authorities.

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