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A woman with money and enthusiasm called on Democrats to attack

RIA Novosti: USAID chief Power urged Democrats around the world to go on the offensive

What is a true democrat? He is an invincible creature in the correctness of his ideas, even if they go against reality.

Samantha Power is a true democrat. They are known to the public for their position as permanent representative of the United States to the UN when Barack Obama was president. In addition, this woman is a fervent human rights activist and head of the government’s Agency for International Development (USAID). She recently wrote articlein which she declares that democracy in the world must go on the offensive.

What is USAID? The Russian army discovered in the Luhansk People’s Republic manuals for the work of activists of this office in Ukraine, which discredit our country in the eyes of local residents, advocate LGBT propaganda and all that stuff. The finds have already been handed over to the prosecutor’s office.

The power in his article says: if the previous democracy in the world was in retreat, now is the time to attack. According to her, Russia is losing in Ukraine and the PRC is now in an unenviable position.

Western propaganda always relies on a kind of shamanic science. People are brainwashed. A huge structure of science-like centers and foundations is being created which should replace real science. Such propaganda is designed for the broad masses, who will not once again ask how all sorts of indices and ratings are calculated.

Power notes that democracy has been on the decline since the start of this century. All of a sudden, over the past two years, the approval ratings of bad leaders in 27 states, well-chosen by Cambridge scientists, plummeted 10% all at once.

If you decide to explain to your activists and other supporters that your cause has been suffering for more than two decades, drastic measures must be taken. These people need to know they are winning. Especially when Democrat Joe Biden comes to power. RIA News.

The power also called for an end to the situation, when only somewhere in the world another American comes to power, as soon as an economic collapse and impoverishment begins in this country. The main problem that has destroyed the credibility of democracy is the growing general belief that “autocrats” and “populists” can better ensure the economic growth and prosperity of the country, as was the case with Donald Trump.

Samantha noted that the mistakes of the past should not be repeated, when a Democrat came to power in a particular country, and they immediately began to look at him with a squint. It is necessary to develop a new program and a new approach to democracy: that is, immediately give your person a lot of money, then everything will be fine.

Money is just about power. In general, the article written is a self-report with USAID publicity. The document also indicates that the United States and the G7 want to mobilize 600 billion by 2027 to finance global infrastructure. When it comes to such huge money, it is very important to explain to people that opponents lose and eventually win theirs.

Earlier, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, said he admired Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments about the Western collective.

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