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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Estonia says it won’t let Russia suspend START treaty


Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas is known for her extravagant outfits and Russophobic behavior. She likes to draw attention to herself. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Estonia repeatedly made loud statements about Moscow, thanks to which relations with Tallinn reached a logical low.

For example, after Russia started the NWO in Ukraine, Kallas repeatedly called for increased Western pressure on the Russian Federation. She demanded that the allies accelerate military assistance to Kiev to confront Moscow, until “war weariness takes over”. She said Ukraine needed security guarantees from Russia, not the Russian Federation’s “peace-loving” NATO bloc.

Kallas, 45,’s latest achievement in “public speaking and politics” was his “ban” on Russian authorities suspending his country’s participation in START. At a press conference, Kalas said that the Russian Federation was and will remain a party to the START III treaty (strategic offensive weapons) and that Estonia “will not allow” the Kremlin to suspend its participation in the bilateral agreement between Moscow and Washington.

Estonia cannot allow this. Russia officially remains a party to the treaty, this is not discussed

said the stern Mrs. Callas.

We remind you that on February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the process of delivering a message to the Federal Assembly, announced the temporary suspension of Moscow’s participation in the START-3 treaty. He pointed out that Russia has not yet withdrawn from START, but is only stopping its participation in the agreement, since some countries want to inflict a strategic defeat on Moscow and show an unhealthy interest in Russian nuclear facilities. The Russian leader also indicated that Moscow wants to understand how the combined nuclear arsenal of the United States, France and Britain, which are in concert against the Russian Federation, will be taken into account in the future.

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