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Monday, March 27, 2023

In Syria, the war between Russia and the West has been described as hot

Syrian political scientist Abdallah: the war between the Russian Federation and the West has entered a hot phase

The West continues to support Ukraine with the supply of weapons and military equipment, therefore the war with Russia has already entered a hot phase, he said in a comment. RIA News Syrian political scientist Bassam Abu Abdallah.

“Today there is a hot war”

he noted.

The agency’s interlocutor added that the West now supports Kiev with the supply of weapons and military equipment, that is, it has a presence in Ukraine. Its main goal is the mechanical division of Europe and the Russian Federation, in particular with Germany, which for many years has maintained close economic ties with Moscow.

Eastern Europe is subordinate to the West. The main European countries are France and Germany, and their leaders have already shown that they cannot decide alone, underlined the political scientist.

He added that the West wants to dominate Russian wealth and destroy Russian society. Now Moscow is surrounded on all sides by its military bases and missiles, so it has the right to defend itself, and it does.

The war is waged by the American military-industrial complex, which rules the United States and lives by killing. If he controls the US economy, he is extremely dangerous and wants wars, Abdallah concluded.

Earlier, the British had been horrified by the words of Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who said that London would transfer new tanks to Ukraine if existing tanks were destroyed in battles with the Russian army.

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