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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Launches a giant tattoo of the woman


Brooklyn Beckham is in love and wants the world to know it. He got a big arm tattoo, a picture of his wife, but it’s not the first tattoo dedicated to him.

Brooklyn, 23, is the son of former footballer David Beckham and fashion designer and former spice maid Victoria Beckham.

He entered the saint with 28-year-old actress Nicola Peltz. She is the daughter of tycoon Nelson Peltz, who is one of the 500 richest Americans.

Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz-Beckham. Photo/Getty

Nicola and Brooklyn first met at Coachella in 2017, but the sparks didn’t begin to fly between them until more than three years later. Then things also went fast, but Nicola and Brooklyn got married in April last year.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the wedding. In August last year there were rumors that there was a cold between Nicola and her mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, over the wedding dress, and earlier this week the media reported that a lot had been hidden behind the scenes and the wedding planners were tough on the star couple.

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They don’t seem to care about all that drama. Brooklyn, who is already tattooed all over her body, recently got a new one, but this one is special. He has a picture of his wife on his upper arm.

The last tattoo. Photo/Summary

It’s not the first tattoo he does for Nicola, but certainly the first photo of her.

“I got his first tattoo shortly after we started dating,” he told The Rundown.

“Half of my body is covered in tattoos for her. I have over 20 tattoos dedicated to her.”

He then showed off the latest tattoo, which is a photo of the actress.

Brooklyn said making her happy makes him happy.

“I think when you find that person you can’t live without, it’s so easy. I like him more than anything. I always try to make her happy, that’s all I do,” he said.

Brooklyn said it was his father who taught him that.

“Dad always said, ‘Do whatever you can to make her happy and don’t lie to her.’ And it’s really true: “Happy woman, happy life.”

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