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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

State Duma experts on inclusive tourism offered to “tackle” Torzhok

National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning

To the State Duma of the Russian Federation started work expert working group for the implementation of a pilot project for the development of inclusive tourism based on the city of Torzhok, Tver region.

“In this picturesque provincial town full of historical and cultural heritage, with the help of the National Association of Car and Motorcycle Tourism and Caravanning, the All-Russian project of social significance “Development of Inclusive Tourism” is being launched” , said Sergey Lobarev, President of the association, expert in accessible environment, head of the automobile tourism committee of the Russian Union of the tourist industry Sergey Lobarev. “It is designed to make tourism accessible and safe for all categories of citizens, regardless of their physical, intellectual or age characteristics, including people with disabilities.”

Deputy Minister of Tourism of Tver region Nadezhda Vyskubova called the pilot project necessary and promising for the whole region.

“In Torzhok there are problems with the accessibility of cultural objects, architectural monuments, difficulties in organizing urban space for tourists with disabilities,” she said. “The pilot project of the Association for the Development of Inclusive Tourism will identify these and other difficulties, propose solutions and bring together specialists.”

The Automotive and Motorcycle Tourism Association ensures the development and expertise of inclusive tourist routes and excursions in the regions. On the initiative of Torzhok experts maybe the first tourist cluster for people with disabilities. Once the project is launched on the Torzhok base, it can be extended to any city in Russia, according to experts.

“I believe that the development of mechanisms that will ensure accessibility for people with disabilities is a necessary measure for the development of inclusive tourism in the Tver region,” commented Irina Sheremetker, President of the Tver Region Tourism Association. , a member of the United Russia faction. in the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region. “Torzhok has a large technological platform for the development and production of equipment for people with disabilities, as well as a strong team of specialists in the field of inclusion. The authors of the project proved that this is the most successful combination of conditions for the implementation of such a project,” said Svetlana Kozlova, coordinator of the party project “One Country – One Country Accessible” in the Tver region.

The Association’s experts conducted four expeditions to the Tver region along the national road “Golden Ring” and radial automobile routes. Based on the results of the car rallies, the authorities have taken note of the recommendations aimed at improving the accessibility by transport of tourist sites and accommodation for caravanners. Today, according to the projects of the Association, five campsites and campsites are being built in the region.

The main task of social activists for 2023 is to identify problems and come up with a mechanism to create conditions for disabled tourists in the regions, making car travel accessible and safe for them.

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