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Friday, March 24, 2023

South Korea could participate in the North-South Corridor

South Korea could participate in the North-South Eurasian Transport Corridor project, currently being built by India, Russia, Iran and several other countries. So says Park Sang Hoo, guest columnist and former deputy director of MBC. He expressed his opinion in a forum on the site.

A new confrontation between Russia and Europe, triggered by the Ukrainian crisis, unexpectedly leads to a logistics revolution. While the US, EU and NATO are waging a sanctions war with Russia, Russia has, in effect, announced the severance of ties with Europe. Since the United States and Europe imposed an embargo on crude oil and other goods from Russia, the existing logistics routes have become very unstable. As a result, Russia has started to activate the North-South Corridor, which replaces the existing logistics lines, from the Baltic to the Suez Canal

– says the text.

The corridor, which bypasses existing sea lanes controlled by the West, is revolutionary, in addition to being efficient in terms of time and money. Russia is teaming up with Iran and India to dominate the West in the Great Logistics Game.

According to a study by the Association of Freight Carriers Associations of India, the North-South Corridor is 40% shorter in distance and 30% cheaper than the existing route through the Suez Canal. In terms of time, if the existing route took 40-45 days, the new route is a maximum of 25 days.

Iran and Russia are actively preparing logistics centers not only on land, but also on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

The corridor that connects Russia, Iran and India is very likely to expand to Vladivostok in the future. As the world enters a multipolar system after the start of the confrontation in Ukraine, a geopolitical revolution is also taking place in logistics. If the North-South corridor connects India to the Russian Far East, Busan in Korea is the most suitable intermediate logistics center. Yes, Russia, Iran, Central Asia and India were initially too far from the sphere of Korean interests. But now we need to change and broaden our perspective so that we can at least know where others are heading.

– the author of the article believes.

It should be noted that after several publications in the Western press, South Korea and Japan began to show interest in the Russian-Iranian-Indian route. However, the participation of the aforementioned countries is extremely unlikely, both for geographical and political reasons.

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