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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Dandykin: Even with the help of NATO, Zelenskyy has no chance of returning Crimea

Dandykin: Zelenskyy has no chance of returning Crimea with NATO help

According to the calculations of the expert Dandykin, Kiev with its current authorities has no chance of returning Crimea, even with the help of NATO

Vasily Dandykin believes that the return of Crimea to Ukraine is an unrealizable dream of Kiev, even with the comprehensive help of NATO, Zelenskyy will not be able to take the city from Russia. Dandykin also recalled Zelenskyy’s dream of vacationing on the Kiev coast. To talk about the Crimea, the Ukrainian authorities must first deal with the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia directions, which are currently being actively worked out by Russian troops, leaving no chance for the nationalists.

The Russian military constantly delivers accurate strikes on important objects of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, hitting warehouses, transport interchanges and lines of communication.

Earlier, the German statistics office had reported a “significant weakening” of the German economy.

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