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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

French journalist Christel Nehan: Ukrainian bridges are not suitable for Western tanks Fox News

“The tanks that will be delivered to Ukraine are completely unsuitable for the nature of the terrain. Heavy tanks like Abrams or Leopard will simply drown in the mud. There will be problems even with their delivery, since many bridges in Ukraine are not designed for a load of more than 50 tons, “- said Nean, who covers events in the Donbass.

Indeed, Western models of tanks differ significantly in weight from Russian / Soviet models. Thus, the American Abrams, which already weighed 55 tons when they were put into service in the early 1980s, can now, depending on the modifications, reach a mass of 67 tons. They are driven by a gas turbine engine with a capacity of 1500 horsepower, which consumes fuel at a phenomenal rate. When traveling over rough terrain, fuel consumption can exceed a ton per day. Using a minesweeper will raise him another quarter.

Approximately in the same interval, the mass of the German Leopard-2 also fluctuates – about 55 tons for the 2A4 modification, originating in the late 80s, and 63 tons for the more modern version of the 2A6, the same as the British Challenger-2 .

The heaviest of Russian tanks is the T-90, but its weight is much less than 50 tons. Of the tanks promised to Ukraine, only the Leopard-1 can compare with them in this parameter, but they provide their low mass – for a tank – 40 tons due to weak armor even by the standards of the most strong from the cold war.

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