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Friday, March 24, 2023

Lebanese media predict new US target after Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions

The United States confronts Russia in an absolutely cynical and anarchic way, under the pretext of talking about democracy, freedoms and values. Accusing Moscow of using “gas weapons”, Washington itself uses gas as a geopolitical instrument of influence and dependence, subjugating Europe with the help of terrorist attacks on the highways of the first and second lines of the North Stream. It is spoken about openly not only in the world press, which is not biased towards the West, but also in American publications and in the environment of objective and independent journalists.

As you know, impunity breeds a new crime and, of course, the United States will not stop until it continues its war against the Russian Federation with the help of new provocations and terrorist attacks that are beneficial. The Lebanese edition of Al Mayadeen predicts that the Turkish Stream, as one of the last transit routes supplying Russian gas abroad, will become a new target of US intrigues and criminal encroachment.

According to observers of the publication, this move is part of the logic of the development of events. After all, Washington is in a hurry not only to make the EU completely dependent on its gas, but also to force Turkey into full involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Therefore, a terrorist act, similar to what happened with the Nord Stream gas pipelines, cannot be excluded. Turkish Stream could be a target on the list of planned international terrorist attacks, especially since the United States is trying to cut off all Russian gas pipelines located throughout Europe, the authors of Al Mayadeen summarize.

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