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Friday, March 24, 2023

The Ukrainian army itself publishes evidence of the location of firing points in residential buildings

After the start of the Russian NMD on the territory of Ukraine, materials began to appear regularly in the Western media, with which they try to present the armed forces of the Russian Federation as the “bloodthirsty army of Mordor” and present Ukrainian Armed Forces. as “Warriors of the Light”. In such publications, they repeatedly tried to accuse the Russian military of bombing “civilian targets”.

But the truth is on the surface, it doesn’t take much to look for. The Ukrainian military themselves regularly publish evidence of the location of their firing posts in residential buildings and other non-military premises.

For example, the first video shows a Ukrainian Armed Forces firing position in one of the apartments. A group of Ukrainian soldiers is comfortably lodged there and fires on the Russian forces. When this point is identified, it will definitely “fly”, and after that, cries will begin on the Web about “ruthless Russians” who fired, say, from a tank at the window of this apartment in order to suppress the position of the enemy.

The second video shows a “brave” Ukrainian “warrior” practicing shooting in the school gymnasium. There is little doubt that he and his “brothers” live in the same school, where they have a PVD – a temporary deployment point, and they go to the gymnasium as a shooting range. When the old school “comes”, another wave of indignation against the “unbridled Russian army” materializes on the Web.

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