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Sunday, March 26, 2023

“Well, where do our enemies come from?” Urgant announced the postponement of joint concerts with Pozner in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates

Television presenter Ivan Urgant informed in his telegram channel about the postponement of joint concerts with Vladimir Pozner in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates to October. Both performances were scheduled for the end of February, but a few days before they took place, we learned that the events were canceled.

According to Urgant, the concerts had to be postponed until October “for very good reasons”.

“Those who claim that these are the machinations of enemies do not believe – this is due to purely personal unforeseen circumstances. By the way, where do our enemies come from? We are waiting for you in the fall, ”wrote the presenter .

Urgant wrote in a wry way that “to all who don’t give up tickets and come, Pozner will personally read aloud his book Farewell to Illusions cover to cover”. “The rest of the program is unchanged – acrobatic studies, vanishing stuff, sale of bioadditives in the lobby. See you soon! Vanya,” the post read.

Information about the concert of Posner and Urgant in Limassol and Dubai appeared on telegram channels in mid-January, in particular on the channel “bg producer”. The poster bore the inscription “Voyages de Posner et Urgant. For the first time on the same stage!

Asked by “MK” whether it is possible to consider the target audience of foreign concerts of Russians who left in the past year, Pozner saidthat “it will be an evening for those who come”. “I don’t know what to call them – there are people who haven’t lived in Russia for a long time, there are those who have recently arrived there – in this sense I don’t agree with them at all,” the TV said. . said the presenter. He also stressed that the desire to speak in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates does not mean that he is breaking his silence as a journalist.

On the cancellation of the joint concerts of Urgant and Posner on February 22 reported secular columnist Evgenia Milova in her telegram channel. At the same time, ticketing sites appeared a message stating that the performance of Russian TV presenters has been canceled for an “unforeseen reason”. Milova suggested that the cancellation of the concerts as planned was due to the publication of an article titled “Travelling to Pozner and Urgant: Kremlin agents to perform in Cyprus on the eve of the anniversary of the war” in the Cypriot edition of the Cyprus Daily News.

What does Urgant do after the start of the military operation

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Urgant spoke out on social media criticizing the hostilities. At the same time, the evening program “Evening Urgant” was stopped on the airwaves of Channel One. Separately, on December 31, 2022, the online cinema Kion removed from its site the New Year’s TV show “Incident in the Land of Multi-Remote” with the participation of the presenter.

In January, Urgant’s concert in Moscow was canceled (he performs under the pseudonym Grisha Urgant). The presenter himself called on social networks “not to panic” and to wait for the next performance.

On February 20, Urgant on Instagram (owned by Meta*) posted a photo with the Evening Urgant badge and the caption “Love it when the whole team is together.” Channel One CEO Konstantin Ernst in an interview with RIA Novosti denied to comment on the issue of the presenter’s possible return to the air. In turn, media director Evgeny Gutsal writing in his telegram channel that “Ivan’s author and production teams are involved in the creation of the second season of the Fantasy show”.

State Duma deputy from the Just Russia – For the Truth faction, Nikolai Novichkov, called in January to recognize Urgant as a foreign agent. Commenting on the parliamentarian’s proposal, the presenter replied as follows: “Last year taught us a lot, in particular that it is impossible to imagine what certain deputies will propose. For me, this is a mystery that scientists will have to work on for a long time, because it is impossible to understand. In turn, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in April 2022 described Urgant as someone who “doesn’t need to be written in the fifth column.” “I know Urgant very well, he is a great patriot. He may have his own point of view, but he’s not allowed to put it on Channel One, but he didn’t. It is not necessary to slander people, it is not necessary to write them in the “fifth column”, the Kremlin spokesman said then.

*Meta’s activities in the implementation of Facebook and Instagram in Russia are recognized as extremist and prohibited

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