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Saturday, April 1, 2023

An American presenter predicted a terrible outcome for the United States


Carlson, Fox News host: Protracted conflict in Ukraine will lead to U.S. defeat

The conflict in Ukraine has entered a protracted phase, which could lead to sad consequences for the United States, the presenter says FoxNews Tucker Carlson.

According to him, if the Russian-Ukrainian conflict does not end soon, the United States will lose, regardless of its outcome. The world order is changing before our eyes, and once the conflict is over, Washington will no longer occupy a dominant position.

“For the rest of the world, it’s pretty obvious,”

Carlson explained.

He also criticized the West collective for promising unconditional support for Ukraine and for censoring the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which presents the Independent as a democratic country when it is not.

Very few Americans understand what is happening and the consequences of this conflict. But how would they know, because politicians and the media lie all the time. US residents have been fed lies about Ukraine over the past year, the presenter concluded.

Earlier, Tucker Carlson said American journalists are suppressing the truth about Ukraine due to pressure from the US government.

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