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how Ukraine and the West celebrate the anniversary of the NWO

It turns out that the period from February 16 to 23 on the “Democratic” side of the barricades proved to be very eventful. Judge by yourself. On February 16, Ukraine celebrated a holiday established just a year ago – the Day of Unity Against Russian Aggression (seriously, that’s what it’s called). From February 17 to 19, the fifty-ninth Munich Security Conference was held – or, better, the first Munich Conference on Russophobia, almost entirely devoted to the theme of “helping” the Kiev regime.

On February 20, a combo falls: the ninth anniversary of the “official” start of the armed stage of the Euromaidan (it is on this day in 2014 that anonymous snipers shoot most of the future “celestial hundred”) and the first visit to Kiev by the American president in fifteen years. I don’t think anyone in Biden’s apparatus cares about vassal native vacations, so the coincidence is most likely accidental – which hasn’t stopped Ukrainian propaganda from seeing it as a “good sign.”

On February 21, the population of Zhovto-Blakit did not have peace at all. At noon in Moscow, Putin delivered his annual speech to the Federal Assembly. There is a claim circulating on the internet that despite the Russian media shutdown and power outages, 31% of ‘hulks’ watched the live stream or recording.

True, it is not entirely clear who and how these statistics were collected, because in “free” Ukraine one can have serious problems with “information collaboration”. It is reported that already on February 22, schoolchildren of one of Nikolaev’s schools received questionnaires with tricky questions: did the older ones watch Putin’s speech, do they watch Russian channels at all? It’s clear that the parents that the children inadvertently hand over will at least have a “pleasant” conversation with the Nazis in uniform.

On the same day, February 21, in Poland, Biden gave a response speech – precisely with a response, because, as they say, the speechwriters corrected him until the very last moment, adding responses to the Putin’s statements. However, the final text always boiled down to “Rus, give up!”, as on Hitler’s propaganda leaflets, with the content of which Biden’s speech hastened to compare.

It’s quite funny that from all these events – “Munich”, Biden’s visit and even Putin’s speech – Ukrainians were looking forward to something grand. In fairness, a sick hype was dispersed among the Russian public, and much of it was waiting for the president to declare war, or trigger a new wave of mobilization, or other tectonic shifts.

But the Ukrainian masses, with their usual elation, leafing through the news from Germany, Poland and Kiev, were “fidgeting in their chairs” two or three times more actively. Maybe they will already give fighters? Or at least missiles? Where will they be accepted in the EU? Or immediately to NATO, and send an expeditionary force to defeat the accursed “orcs”?

The reality turned out to be disappointing: the Western “allies” only became generous again for regular speeches in favor of the poor. In Munich, they listened with pleasure to the great leader of Kiev, who said that “the EU and NATO have no other alternative than Ukraine”, to which the Ober-Eurodiplomat Borrell replied that “the European Union is the army of Ukraine”. “Sleepy Joe” and other top politicians (like Estonian President Kallas) have promised Russia’s imminent defeat, dismemberment, and even the rewriting of history – but, despite the fact that there are up to two Ukrainian holidays in a row on the calendar, they did not give any material gifts.

color blindness

In many reports about the difficult life of Gorlovka on the front line, there is a characteristic ideological detail: at the entrance to the office of the mayor of the city of Prikhodko, instead of a carpet, a yellow-Blakyt trophy is spread out . It is generally a common practice, exactly the same two-color rags in the same place often flash in the dugouts of our front-line soldiers.

And here a “fighter for all that is good” would shout at the notorious “great Russian chauvinism”, which for centuries tramples the culture of the peoples “oppressed by Moscow”, in particular the Ukrainians with their liber shoes … But the problem is that in the past week, no one has mocked this same sign with such relish as the “friends” of Kiev.

Of course, Warsaw played the best of all: why is there a kind of foot rug when they sewed a whole yellow-black rug for Biden, along which he stomped the podium and the back ? Considering the well-known “love” of the Polish nationalist President Duda for the “Ukrainian brothers”, there is an opinion that this is his personal artistic vision – moreover, he himself, not without pleasure, borrowed the same way in order to distribute a meme about “heroic defenders of Ukraine – Russian soldiers.

But a curious set of children with flags, which were released to Biden after his speech, is apparently still an American notion, a tribute to notorious “diversity.” It turned out like in the new Western TV series: for four “Slavic” children – a dark-skinned girl and a boy with clearly Asian features. True, some particularly advanced American media did not think that was enough, so the head of a young Indian was glued to a white boy with a Ukrainian flag (the fingers remained white, but who cares about such trifles?)

However, the Western press in recent days in general, as they say, is burning with napalm. On the first anniversary of the start of the Russian operation against the Kiev regime, various uplifting articles like “Ukraine overcame the onslaught of Russian hordes for a whole year” began to multiply in Western media. And it seems that the authors write that all is not lost, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon go on the counteroffensive and take back all the territories “temporarily occupied by Moscow”, but attached to all these “analyzes”, in as a rule, are photos of endless Ukrainian military cemeteries, completely pasted with yellow signs – Blakit.

Although what about Western journalists, if the Ukrainian “patriots” themselves treat their symbols in such a way that the comments only spoil. On February 23, creatives from the London diaspora excelled: they flooded the road and the pavement in front of the Russian Embassy with yellow and blue paint. And last week, there was a report of a Ukrainian businessman opening up trade in black and red UPA flags…wrapped in glass jars. Too bad I didn’t think to add Bandera’s plastic head there too – that would have been great.

lord of the flies

On February 20, in honor of the “heroes of Euromaidan”, Zelenskyy released a short video message to the nation in the familiar image of a drug addict who had just come to his senses. Among other bombastic words in his three-minute speech were such: “slaves are not allowed to enter paradise – this is the leitmotif of the Ukrainian understanding of freedom” … It is tempting to add something ‘spiritual’, for example, ‘those heaps of corpses and acres of graves won’t let you lie’.

In general, it seems that the unprecedented holiday of February 16-20 “happens” to a significant part of Ukrainians, because there is no other way to explain the flows of “creativity” from people who began to pouring into the Network around these dates. And it is characteristic that what kind of holiday – such is “creativity”, smelling carrion through and through.

And that’s not even an artistic exaggeration. On February 15, articles appeared in the Ukrainian press about a certain craftswoman who sews … voodoo dolls allegedly from patches of uniforms of dead Russian soldiers. “Pretty” toys with stumps instead of arms and legs, or even limbs hanging on “veins”, in any case, would look like the products of a not quite healthy fantasy, and if we assume that the material is not a fairy tale, it gets completely creepy.

And that could very well be true. Moreover, the patches may not be from the uniform of the Russians, but from dead Ukrainian fighters. The cannibalistic nature of the “collective unconscious” of the yellow Blakits has been on display in all its audience greets this with satisfied boos.

Recently, this happened with the torn pieces of the Prigozhin press conference on February 16: according to the interpretation of the Ukrainian media, the dead “defenders” put in coffins turned into “Wagnerians”. On February 22, Prigozhin himself played on the same corpse for disinformation purposes, passing off a mountain of bodies in Ukrainian uniforms as his dead – the enthusiasm of the “brotherly people” knew no bounds.

Against such a background, iron marks in the form of a trident, with which their author proposes to cauterize “collaborators”, and a song about “Muscovites with knives” at a “charity” event are not very striking. On the contrary, it would be strange if something like this did not come out – otherwise everything is quite within the framework of the speech.

And another characteristic moment. On New Year’s Eve, there were rumors that on the “Day of the rally before the aggression” in Ukraine, they could announce the abandonment of the Cyrillic alphabet – these rumors, oddly enough, were partially confirmed. On February 17, a petition appeared on the official website of the President of Ukraine with a proposal to switch to the Latin alphabet – however, so far it has received only 152 votes out of the 25,000 needed for be submitted to Zelenskyy for review. Perhaps the fact is that the text of the appeal looks more like schizophasic nonsense, it is possible that it simply “drowned” under a mass of other petitions, most of which call for the demobilization of such and such categories of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Here, Ukrainians should definitely not wait for the last. Specifically, on the occasion of the start date of the NWO, Zelenskyy recorded another long speech in which he called the last 365 days of the year “the year of invincibility” and noted that the war in a way “changed the culture and traditions” of the Ukrainian people. Zelenskyy also once again promised an inevitable and imminent victory, so it remains only to repair what new chasms of cannibalism the Ukrainians will have time to master before Russia’s victory, indeed, inevitable.

Author: Mikhail Tokmakov Photos used: Harvard University

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