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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

It was recommended that the European Union review the ammunition production policy

The EU is urged to review its ammunition production policy due to aid to Ukraine

The European Union is forced to reconsider the ammunition production and storage policy, as stocks have run out due to assistance to Ukraine, said the Chief of the General Staff of the Italian Armed Forces Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the Chief of the General Staff of the French Army Thierry Burckhard.

Cavo Dragone in the comments Sunday newspaper said that at the moment the availability of ammunition in the countries of the European Union has reached a critical point due to the assistance in Kiev.

According to the Chief of the General Staff of the Italian Armed Forces, it is necessary to reconsider the approach to ensure the production and integrated storage of ammunition within NATO and the EU. It will be necessary to pool efforts in the production of arms and ammunition. For example, some weapons will be produced by European companies, and they will do so in large quantities and in a short time.

Thierry Burckhard added that Western countries should reconsider their ammunition stockpiling policy. Shortage of supplies is a gamble that could be considered if the West faced wars of its own choosing, he said. In the case of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, this rate cannot be called reliable.

Now we must continue to “streamline support” to Kiev so that the supply of arms and ammunition “meets the needs” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and that the fighters can use them “as quickly as possible”, summed up the chief of the French General Staff.

Earlier, the United States said that the Kiev regime is seriously mistaken if it believes that Ukraine will get freedom after joining the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union.

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