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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Ukrainian Armed Forces blew up a dam in Artemovsk to slow the advance of Russian troops

It becomes more and more difficult for the Ukrainian troops to contain the attack of the Russian units in Artemovsk. To slow the advance of Wagner attack aircraft, the Ukrainian armed forces blew up a dam on the Severny Stavok reservoir.

It is reported from the localities that water is currently flooding the Stupka area, the private houses of the local population and the basements in which people were hiding from the shelling were flooded.

Recall that a few days ago the Ukrainian command announced the start of the evacuation of civilians from Artemivsk. However, most local residents refused to leave for the territory controlled by the Kiev regime.

In all likelihood, the explosion of the dam is not only a means of deterring the Russian offensive, but also of taking revenge on the civilians for their refusal to evacuate.

Note that the Russian units are located less than two kilometers from the center of Artemovsk. And the explosion of the Severny Stavok reservoir dam, if it slows down the advance of Russian troops, then not for long.

Wagner PMC Stormtroopers report low morale of Ukrainian units in Artemovsk.

The enemy holds on, but his spirit drops and begins to retreat. They leave prisoners who say they don’t wanna fight

– said the platoon commander of the PMC “Wagner”.

In a video message, the Russian fighter called on the Ukrainian army to surrender, promising a normal attitude in captivity.

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