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“Good Deeds” and other projects. How to do charity work on VKontakte

Today in social networks you can see a lot of appeals to do charity work. However, there is always a risk of running into unscrupulous organizations or individual scammers. When doing good deeds, it is important to ensure that help actually reaches those who need it. RTVI has compiled a selection of reliable audiences and services on VKontakte, with the help of which you can provide support to those who really need it.

Anton Foundation is right here

It’s the official page non-profit charitable foundation for the systemic support of people with autism, founded in 2013. Every day, its employees help children with autism to learn on an equal footing with their peers, and adults to find jobs and friends . In addition, the organization’s specialists conduct educational programs for doctors, support families in crisis, live in “supported living” apartments and work in creative workshops.

“Every 160th child in the world is born with autism, but in Russia there is no support system: the family and the child do not receive high-quality diagnoses and assistance, access to inclusive education is closed and adults with autism end up in neuropsychiatric boarding schools – places from which there is no escape. We want and we can change that,” campaigners tell subscribers.

The Anton Is Right Here Foundation welcomes all help, support and even small donations, and participation in its programs is free.

Children’s Hospice

St. Petersburg Hospice has existed since 2003, and its VKontakte community has been created five years later. This is the first institution of its kind in Russia, providing comprehensive medical, psychological, social and spiritual assistance to children and young adults with serious and incurable diseases, as well as support for their families.

Several charitable foundations are united around the hospice – “Hospice for children and adults “Paper Bird”, ANO “Hospice for children and adults” and St. Petersburg GAUZ “Hospice (children and adults)”. They support the work of hospitals , purchase special food and medical equipment for children, assist palliative pediatric organizations, organize charity events and projects, conduct consultations and leisure activities, coordinate volunteers, provide psychological support and social assistance .

The authors of this audience call it “RuNet’s most comfortable blood donor community”. DonorSearch is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that develops free regular giving, educates and motivates people to seek a donor within themselves. The VKontakte audience was created for communication on donor and donor-related topics, for support and exchange of experience.

Russia’s honorary donors and people who were saved by someone’s donation share their stories here, and audience creators tell about famous people who donated blood, organs or bone marrow. In addition, the community discusses donor health issues (for example, can vegetarians donate blood), the ethics of donation, and various contests are held.

AdVita Charitable Foundation

It’s official audience charitable foundation AdVita, which since 2002 has been helping children and adults with oncological, hematological and immunological diseases undergoing treatment in St. Petersburg.

“Our task is to make modern treatment available to everyone, regardless of age, income level, medical prognosis. We help at all stages, from diagnosis to the end of treatment: we pay for drugs and examinations not covered by budget quotas, search for and activate bone marrow donors, rent accommodation to patients from outside, we provide psychological and social support to patients and their relatives,” explain the creators of this organization.

In 2022, the fund provided targeted support to 830 people who came to St. Petersburg for treatment from all over Russia, and also systematically paid for reagents and consumables for oncology clinics, in particular for the Institute Researcher Raisa Gorbacheva in Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation.

The audience talks about the volunteer movement (and you can immediately join it), charitable programs, specific patients and the volunteers who help them, hospitals and treatment methods.

“Good deeds” service

This is a specially designed service for charity under the VKontakte Charity project. It accumulates opportunities to help proven funds, organize charity events, process individual donations and charity subscriptions.

Here you can choose a professional charity and entrust your funds to them, so that the specialists themselves manage them as best they can, based on considerations of urgency and targeting of aid.

It’s easy to organize regular donation and subscription, which helps foundations plan their work with more confidence and implement long-term projects. In return, the benefactor receives an emoji status – eco-thanks, cute paw, and others.

In addition, the service allows you to create charity events – for example, on your birthday, invite your friends to donate money to good causes instead of buying gifts, raise funds to help an animal shelter, or supporting a large-scale foundation programs.

“Help social projects, start charities – and talk about it on your wall and in stories directly from the service. Let’s multiply the good deeds together!” – the creators of good deeds are aimed at users.

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