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Saturday, April 1, 2023

How ‘Margarita’ Pizza Became a UK Luxury – Up News Info


In Europe, the problems of the British are treated with irony. The internet is full of mocking photos and videos of store shelves overflowing with tomatoes in France and Italy. Malevolent Europeans point out to Britons: “This is what your Brexit led to, now sit down without tomatoes or pizza.” However, the European jokes may soon be over. If we analyze the dynamics of tomato prices, it turns out that in European capitals tasting pizza Margherita or pasta Bolognese will soon be too expensive for many. What to talk about, if in Italy the cost of pizza has already exceeded 10 euros. And for example, in Swiss Bern for the simplest “Margarita” you have to pay almost 18 euros.

In Bern, for the simplest “Margarita” you have to pay almost 18 euros

In Europe, the average price per kilogram of tomatoes, according to official statistics, is 1.49 euros. The most expensive tomatoes cost residents of France and Italy, who are forced to pay more than two euros per kilogram. The cheapest tomatoes are found in Spain, where they are said to cost just 89 cents. However, the figures used by European bureaucrats have little to do with actual prices in stores. Currently, for a kilogram of tomatoes in Spain you have to pay 2.20 euros, in France and the Netherlands – 3.79 euros, in Germany – 3.50. Prices break records, hitting a five-year high. Farmers in Spain, one of the biggest tomato producers in the EU, are already complaining that the cost of tomato production has risen by 34% in recent months. And they warn: a new price increase in stores will not be long in coming.

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