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Sunday, March 26, 2023

“I’m the young girl at so-called parties with older men and from the age of 13 there’s an incredible amount of trauma in my life”

Rut Þorbjörnsdóttir is a 23-year-old girl, a chronic overthinker, the only child of her parents, who grew up with her mother in her grandparents’ house. Rut is the new podcast interviewee Strong together.

Rut is grateful to have grown up with her mother and parents, she received lots of love, care and attention.

“I’m a big city kid, but I also loved going out in the countryside with my dad every weekend. I took Svala and sat in the back of the plane, what an adventure.”

Rut always felt different from other children, she didn’t understand why she was not like the others and why she felt bad, but very young she started to feel a lot of anxiety.

Wrote a suicide note at the age of 10

“I had friends and no one was mean to me, I just felt bad. I wrote my first suicide note when I was 10,” Rut says, adding that she’s a regular at BUGL for several years.

At the age of 13, Rut found the solution to all her problems when she learned about the existence of the drug, but she finally joined a group and was able to escape the discomfort that plagued her. had always tormented.

“In a very short time, life developed into the fact that I stopped going to school and was the young girl in the so-called parties with older men, and from 13 years old, there are a lot of shocks in my life. Sexual assaults against me and deaths around me that just make me want to consume more.”

Rut was admitted to BUGL several times, but nothing could be done for her because she was addicted.

“I was once in the ER at BUGL after a suicide attempt but the staff wanted to send me home even though I told them I felt the same. I was sent home but came back for the same reason about a week later.”

There we have a child who has been flirting with death since he was 10 years old, but nothing in the system is ready to intervene, despite all the specially trained and qualified people working there.

Six months of treatment in Krýsuvík

Today, Rut has been recovering from a drug problem for nearly two years, but it hasn’t always been a smooth journey. At first, she threw herself into a 12-step work and forgot to help others.

“I was so busy helping others that I forgot to help myself so I hit a wall and was in a deep valley where old thoughts kept coming back, I woke up every morning disappointed .”

After eight months of sobriety, Rut went to Krýsuvík and spent six months of intense and deep personal work there, which paid off even better.

“At Krýsuvík I received help to overcome my trauma, tools to move on and lots of help from great people.”

You can listen to Rut’s interview in its entirety on the podcast Strong together.

If individuals are struggling with suicidal thoughts, it is indicated Red Cross 1717 Hotline and Red Cross Online Chat. Open 24/7. You can also contact The Pieta Association who offer free advice at 552-2218, 24 hours a day. Heilsuveru’s online chat, where a nurse answers, is also open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For those who have lost a loved one to suicide, bereavement support can be obtained from bereavement center and the Pieta organization.

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