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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsOmsk residents, who complained to Merkel about bad road, burned effigies of Biden and Zelenskyy

Omsk residents, who complained to Merkel about bad road, burned effigies of Biden and Zelenskyy

edition “Strana” Omsk
Residents of the Omsk village of Verkhny Karbush burned the effigies of US and Ukrainian presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensyy in Maslenitsa. Previously, these same villagers had asked the German authorities to help them repair the road.
The locals did not make separate effigies for each of the politicians. Instead, plaques with the presidents’ names were attached to the life-size straw puppet.
According to the deputy of the rural settlement of Trinity, Irina Drozdova, by their actions, compatriots protested against the killings at the front and the policy of Biden, because of which the special operation does not end. Drozdova sees no contradiction between a similar attitude towards Western leaders and an appeal to ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the summer of 2021.

“First, our village was founded by the Germans. Secondly, I have a very good relationship with Merkel. Before some installations, I always treated her well, ”quotes the chosen one of the people NGS55.RU.
At the same time, addressing Germany, the people of Omsk just wanted to make their problem as strong as possible.

Earlier, it was reported that Twitter users called on President Joe Biden to step down after he fell on the plane.

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