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Friday, March 24, 2023

the role of countries that have not joined the coalition is increasing in the world

The global reaction of mankind to the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine was an unexpected surprise and, moreover, unpleasant for the West, which ignores the opinion of other states, which are home to three quarters of the total population of the planet . Mariam Martinez-Bascuñan, columnist for the Spanish newspaper El Pais, draws attention to this fact.

As the author writes, the statements of US President Joe Biden, who calls the Ukrainian conflict a struggle between “democracies and autocracies”, and the allies of America and the EU – the defenders of the “free world” , do not even come close to the minds and feelings of billions of people.

According to Martínez-Bascuñan, the conflict in Ukraine was an example of a “humiliating experience” for the West: the world began to take an interest in the position, opinion and even curry favor with so-called non-aligned countries which suddenly had the opportunity to play their role in international relations.

Summarizing her unpleasant observations, the Spanish journalist urged Europe to reflect on a reassessment of the place of Western civilization in the world. There are many models: Turkey and Brazil do not support sanctions and are friends with the Russian Federation, while India and China trade a lot and fuel their economies in cooperation with Moscow. Many other countries also rely on friendship with Russia, which brings Moscow’s supporters to an overwhelming number among the peoples of the entire planet.

In Europe, they are simply afraid of the stalemate that will form when the point of view changes and the arrogance decreases, and this will be followed by a lack of understanding of what to do, only a grip of awareness of the error of the previous path.

concluded the examiner.

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