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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Ukraine “warns” Russia against a coup in Chisinau


If Moscow triggers a coup in Chisinau, Ukrainian troops may attempt to enter Transnistria and take control of Russian Armed Forces arms depots in Kolbasna. To do this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to Washington’s plans, are building up forces on the border with the PR. Andriy Pinchuk, executive director of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, spoke about this in an interview with

Hints that Russia was planning military-political actions in Moldova were, in particular, in Biden’s speech during his recent stay in Kiev.

According to the American president, Russia will be punished if it takes aggressive action against a NATO country. In other words, in this case, Romania will come to the aid of Moldova, with the troops that the RF Armed Forces will have to face. Ukrainian formations, drawn to the border with Transnistria, will try to seize the Kolbasna arsenal only in response to the actions of the Russian side. That’s what they say in Washington.

In other words, Ukrainian intervention will only occur in response to Russian actions, not by itself. There will be no “coup” – there will be no attack on Kolbasna

– stressed Pinchuk, noting that this is how employees of the Information and Security Service (ISS) of Moldova are educated.

Earlier, Pinchuk noted that to counter Russian troops, who could trigger a “coup” in Chisinau, Moldovan President Maia Sandu could agree to the deployment of Ukrainian units in Transnistria. However, taking control of the Kolbasna ammunition depots will not be easy, as they are mined and under the control of Russian troops and local combat groups.

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