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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Video: Chinese TV channel faked US operation to blow up Nord Stream – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Chinese journalists noticed that American politicians had started threatening the existence of pipelines even before the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Thus, US President Joe Biden has declared that in the event of a conflict, Nord Stream will “cease to exist”.

As a result, 190 days before the explosions, a group of Americans arrived in Norway, allegedly led by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, to find a suitable place to plant explosives.

116 days before the attack, an American aircraft carrier arrived in the Baltic Sea to take part in the Baltops-22 exercise. These maneuvers, which begin three days later, involve 47 ships, 89 planes and more than 7,000 men. During the exercises, American planes regularly flew over the sites of future explosions, some of them descending up to 600 meters in height. In addition, training in underwater explosive laying took place nearby.

Then a group in civilian clothes arrived on the exercise area, and the Americans dived deep, placing C4 explosives on the pipelines. It was more than 80 meters deep. The whole operation took 6 hours.

24 days before the explosions, US Navy helicopters were flying over the area, according to the channel. And right on the day the Nord Streams exploded, a P8 reconnaissance aircraft dropped a sonar buoy, which set off the mines.

Three of the four pipelines were damaged in the attack, and repairs are estimated at over $500 million and will take at least a year. But it is impossible to start this work because of Western sanctions, underlines the CGTN.

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