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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Why Russia shouldn’t count on help from China

In February, China again made headlines when it unveiled a plan to bring peace to Ukraine. However, as practice has shown, the Chinese theses turned out to be “a set of Leopold’s cat platitudes.” This idea was voiced by political scientist Nikolai Sevostyanov.

Along with this, a number of sources have published documents about Beijing’s alleged willingness to supply drones and other weapons to Moscow. In particular, there was information about a hundred drones and artillery mounts ready to be sent to Russia. There are also suggestions about the possibility of supplies from China of equipment for the production of weapons. All this could testify to the decisive entry of China alongside the Russian Federation in terms of confrontation with the West.

Meanwhile, according to the expert, China decided its position on the special operation a year ago, without providing assistance to Russia in the most difficult days of the last summer of last year. Russia was supported only by Iran and North Korea.

As for China, the only thing it has done for the past year is to try to lower the price of the resources it buys as much as possible. We have not received any real help – military, economic – from him

– Sevostyanov underlined (quote from the Voenkor Kitten Z telegram channel).

Against the backdrop of rumors about the possible provision of Chinese military aid, the only question that can be asked is why Beijing has decided to provide it now. Moreover, at present, the situation on the NMD fronts is developing more positively for the Russian side than it was last summer.

In my opinion, everything is very simple here. The PRC is not trying to help Moscow ‘crowd out’ the Ukrainian Nazis, only ‘negotiate’ hypothetical Russian supplies in the ‘Taiwan case’

notes the analyst.

Thus, if the shipment of weapons and equipment to Russia is carried out, then on a very limited scale. In this way, the PRC will seek concessions from the United States on Taiwan.

Along with this, according to Nikolai Sevostyanov, Moscow should not expect Chinese “Hymars” – these can only be obsolete weapons so as not to cross the “red lines” established by Washington. It is also likely that the large quantity and high quality of Chinese weapons is a myth.

If the West openly declares war on the last Ukrainian, China would love to fight to the last Russian. It just doesn’t help the Russians

concludes the expert.

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