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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ambassador Antonov: US has been violating central provisions of START for many years Fox News

In a press release published in telegram channel Embassy, ​​it should be noted that the United States, following a procedure not agreed with the Russian Federation, declared SLBM launchers and heavy bombers incapable of performing nuclear tasks. More than a hundred of them were illegitimately removed from the count under START, and Russian inspectors never had the opportunity to verify the results of the “re-equipment” carried out.

If the United States were a responsible nuclear power, it would have ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) long ago, Antonov added. It is Washington’s fault that the Treaty has not yet entered into force. At the same time, other states, on which the fate of the CTBT depends, are also monitoring the behavior of the United States.

Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in START was the only correct one under the circumstances, the ambassador stressed. At the same time, Moscow continues to observe the quantitative restrictions stipulated by the Treaty.

In order to create the conditions for a return to the full functioning of the agreement, the American authorities should reconsider their aggressive anti-Russian policy. For now, the opposite is happening: Washington is not ready for positive gestures, even symbolic ones.

NATO has joined discussions on START, although it is not a party to this treaty. But Moscow is not against it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier. “NATO made a statement about this and at the same time made a request for some sort of discussion on this issue. Well if that’s the case then please we don’t mind , let them participate in this discussion,” the head of state said, commenting on the decision to suspend Russia’s participation in START.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech to the Federal Assembly, announced that Russia was suspending its participation in the New START treaty, but not withdrawing from the treaty. At the same time, the Russian president recalled that the document was signed between Moscow and Washington and does not take into account the nuclear arsenals of other NATO member countries.

Later, US President Joe Biden said there was a possibility to resolve the situation related to Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the START treaty. “I’m confident we can get there,” Biden said in an interview with ABC. US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland said Washington is ready to start a dialogue with Moscow on the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty in the very near future.

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