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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Finnish border guards did not want to let Russians with a child out of the airport to spend the night in a hotel


Border guards at Vantaa airport in Helsinki almost banned Russians from leaving the “clean” area to spend the night in a hotel.

A family with one child arrived in Helsinki from the UK late in the evening. The Russians decided to spend the night in a hotel in order to drive home in the morning. However, at first, the border guards prohibited them from leaving the airport.

“And if you want to sleep, then come back to this international zone and sleep there as much as you want, but you can’t go to the hotel!” – transmitted their words to the Russians.

Later, the leadership of the border service nevertheless released the Russians from the airport. They were ordered to return at 07:00 the following day, stating in the documents that they had been warned that they could not stay at the hotel during transit. As a result, tourists still spent the night in a hotel and only arrived at the border in the evening.

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