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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Operation “Carpet”: what is known about the interception of an unidentified object over St. Petersburg


NEVA NEWS | Nadezhda Kapranova

Pulkovo airport stopped receiving and sending planes. Airspace within a radius of 200 kilometers was closed to civilian ships.

About the airport closure reported Saint Petersburg authorities. Flight delays announced until 12:00 p.m. The reasons for this are not specified. The skies above the northern capital, according to Flightradar, have been cleared of planes.

PrtScr –

Judging by the online dashboard, passenger check-in keep on going in normal mode. Rossiya Airlines has already corrected several flights to St. Petersburg and back. According RIA NewsPulkovo also did not indicate the reason for the delays.

Sources close to the situation added that all flights are delayed and will not be accepted until further notice. Several planes managed to get to Moscow, the others turned back. About 14 planes detained with passengers are known. Two of them discharged the citizens, the others had to wait. It is also worth noting that in Petrozavodsk four aircraft parking lots were released in case of receiving flights from St. Petersburg.

Earlier, information appeared on Telegram channels that an unidentified flying object was found over the northern capital. Also, information has circulated on the web regarding the “Carpet” plan that has been implemented, which involves the procedure for airport services and staff to ensure the safety and conditions of the examination, said leader of the public movement “For Security” Dmitry Kurdesov.

FAN informedthat an unidentified target is approaching the city from the Gulf of Finland. The fighters took to the skies to intercept it.

To date, information has appeared on Telegram channels that an unidentified object has not been found. Carpet plan cancelled.

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