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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaRussia has committed crimes against humanity

Russia has committed crimes against humanity

The United States has concluded that Russia committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine.
Russia says its actions are not directed against civilians.
However, in an interview with media’s Ukraine Service, State Department Goodwill Ambassador Beth Van Schaak said the discovery was important in laying the groundwork for Russia to be held accountable.
“This definition is important because it signals that we have reviewed all the evidence – open sources, classified data, human rights reports – and have established that Russia is carrying out a widespread and systematic attack against the civilian population of Ukraine,” Van Schaak said. .
“And it will kind of draw attention to the egregious actions of Russia, but it will also set the stage for future accountability,” she continued. “It is extremely important to call a spade a spade.”
The ambassador said the United States had officially determined that Russia was guilty of murder by execution, torture, rape and forced deportation.
“These are the four crimes against humanity that this definition focuses on. But this conclusion does not exclude the identification of other crimes against humanity or, ultimately, genocide,” the ambassador said.

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