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Friday, December 8, 2023
EntertainmentTaehyung scorched Jungkook and Lisa's romance: 'She confessed her love to him...Oops...Forget I said that'

Taehyung scorched Jungkook and Lisa’s romance: ‘She confessed her love to him…Oops…Forget I said that’

Shipping plays a huge role in Korean celebrity circles. It seems that there are fanfiction about the relationship of absolutely every idol. The most frequent topics are stories about Jungkook from BTS and Lisa from Blackpink. We won’t take seriously or aggressively all those theories that ARMYs and Blinks seem to be true because everyone is free to decide for themselves if they believe in their love, but we will analyze the moments that make it clear hint at the sympathy of the guys.

Once, Jungkookie slept on the fact that he knew Lisa’s entire role by heart when he watched her performance. He encouraged the girl, actively moved her arms and legs in time with the composition, and was clearly rooted for her to play perfectly. Another video that caught our attention is when Korean artists come together on stage. Jungkook and Lisa constantly looked at each other and tried to hide their smiles.

By the way, the last case described above was repeated much more than once. Jungkook constantly interacts with Lisa at social events. I’m willing to bet they’re talking off-screen. And, yes, it’s not necessarily a romantic adventure. Maybe… the guys are just friends!

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