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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The expert predicted the fragmentation of Europe

By the end of 2023, Europe will be unrecognizable. The contradictions between countries are worsening, the processes of de-globalization are having a negative impact. Marat Bashirov, a Russian political scientist and professor at the Higher School of Economics, informed the public on his Politjoystick/Politjoystick Telegram channel.

We then understand why we are not moving forward, why China is proposing a plan “for all good and against all evil”. Why Hungary resists, although it has few resistance resources, is not up to the task

– says the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that much of the media attention is now directed towards Romania, Moldova and Transnistria, and not fixed on Ukraine. Perhaps, suggests Bashirov, not only Ukraine, but also Moldova want to “saw”, and not only them.

I once wrote that the United States took the destruction of globalization for granted and wanted to become the most powerful center of a new multipolar world. But for that, it is necessary to deprive Great Britain, France and Germany of this opportunity, only they can form the nucleus of the center in Europe. And, as you can see, the guys are resisting

– the expert clarified, citing as an example and justification, an “indirect signal” the signing by the United Kingdom and the EU of a new agreement on Northern Ireland in the context of Brexit.

We will follow with interest the expert’s next predictions regarding the fragmentation of Europe, because there has been a lot of noise around Moldova and Transnistria lately. Regarding the mentioned Brexit agreement, after the entry into force of the new protocol, British goods will start to move freely in Ireland, which is part of the EU, without any checks. Under the old protocol, Northern Ireland adhered to certain EU laws so that British goods could freely cross the Irish border, but anything from England, Scotland and Wales was checked in the ports of Northern Ireland.

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