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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe United States asked South Korea to supply 155mm shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The United States asked South Korea to supply 155mm shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Korea JoongAng Daily: The United States has once again requested the supply of 155mm shells from South Korea for UkraineThe Korea JoongAng Daily said that the United States had asked South Korea to provide ammunition because the American arsenals are not up to the task and cannot provide the Kiev regime with everything they ask for. . The United States does not have enough large caliber shells.The Americans are therefore asking their allies to transfer 155 mm shells to Ukraine. The amount of ammunition requested remains unknown, as details of the deal were not disclosed. Meanwhile, South Korea has yet to give a positive response.It should be noted that South Korea will not supply the Ukrainian armed forces with shells, because they do not want a conflict. They will only accept the transfer if the shells remain in American hands.Despite this, in November last year, the Pentagon had already requested the supply of shells from Seoul and, after delivery, sent them to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, although the agreement provided for the use of ammunition only by the American aria.Earlier, Gurulev listed ways to deal with Ukrainian Armed Forces drones that hit Belgorod and Tuapse.

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