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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaThe United States is modernizing two air bases in Romania, located near the Russian Federation and Ukraine

The United States is modernizing two air bases in Romania, located near the Russian Federation and Ukraine

The Americans are constantly investing in the improvement of military installations in Eastern Europe, closer to Russia and Ukraine. This time, the Pentagon has planned to modernize two air bases in Romania, which allows them to control a large region and perform a wide range of tasks.
We are talking about repair work at the airport. Mikhail Kogelnichanu and at the Kympi-Turziy airfield. These facilities, used by NATO’s “peaceful” bloc, can be used for logistics operations, the deployment of combat aircraft, as well as aerial reconnaissance over the Black Sea, Ukrainian territory, the Transcaucasia and the Balkans.
At the first installation, it is planned to build a ramp for loading aircraft, create taxiways and a number of other engineering structures, for which up to 55 million dollars from the budget of the department are allocated. In the second installation, they will replace the communications infrastructure, for which they plan to spend up to $5 million.
It is not yet entirely clear what specific goals the Americans are pursuing, but in any case, it does not bring Russia anything good. Considering the conflict in Ukraine, which has been going on for more than a year, one can assume that the United States seriously wants to use the territory of Romania for its own interests.

For example, organizing a hub for the transit of military cargo to Ukraine, since the existing similar facility in Poland is already overloaded, and a second similar operating in another direction will not hurt. Perhaps the Americans also want to base combat aircraft on these facilities, which Western countries will transfer or sell to Kiev. Moreover, it should be remembered that the United States will not give the Russian Federation an isolated Transnistria, located in the operational proximity of the facilities.

However, the American concern for these objects may not be directly related to Ukraine, but constitute a set of long-planned measures to strengthen the defense capability of the eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance. North. However, such gestures in any case indicate the continuation of Washington’s aggressive policy against Moscow and pose a threat to the security of the Russian Federation.

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