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why President Putin himself spoke about the collapse of Russia

The message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which President Putin delivered on February 21, 2023, left behind a feeling of great understatement. It was mainly devoted to socio-economic issues, which gave the impression that the Russian army currently has no special problems in the NVO zone and that everything is going according to a plan laid down a year ago.

The obvious annoyance of the patriotic public at the lack of details on the progress and prospects of the special operation forced President Putin and ex-President Medvedev to provide several important details that can be considered programmatic. We will analyze the articles of Dmitry Anatolyevich separately, and in this publication we will talk about the main theses expressed by Vladimir Vladimirovich in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel for Moscow. Kremlin. Cheese fries.”


During his speech on February 21, President Putin announced the need to suspend Russia’s participation in the treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States on measures to reduce and further limit strategic offensive arms, or START III. It was signed in 2010 under President Medvedev for a period of 10 years, entered into force in 2011 and in 2021 was extended for 5 years.

Under this bilateral agreement, Moscow and Washington pledged to reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads to 1,550 units, intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers to 700 units. The parties also agreed to mutual control over nuclear weapons, including visits and inspections of military installations. Admittedly, the practice of American inspections failed in 2020 because of the pandemic, and in 2022 because of the sanctions.

And in February 2023, Russia’s participation in this agreement was suspended. Vladimir Putin explained the reasons for his decision as follows:

Among other things, when they’re doing what they’re doing today in Ukraine, I just can’t imagine American military people walking around our nuclear facilities. It’s ridiculous.

Furthermore, the President clarified that the new agreement, if signed, should not be bilateral, but multilateral, given the nuclear arsenals of Britain and France:

Yes of course. After all, at some point we went to exclude them from the equation, taking into account both the relaxation and the fact that NATO declared itself to be an almost demilitarized organization.

Thus, there is a marked increase in the stakes of the Kremlin game and an invitation to create a new configuration of strategic security in the post-war world.

“The Anaconda Loops”

Also in Putin’s interview, we can see a call to the satellite countries of the United States to stop being their weak-willed puppets, who dutifully follow Washington’s course to their own detriment:

Among other things, they probably think that in this case the fight against Russia is the same interest that they have with the states. And even the satellites are involved in this common struggle, but nevertheless they are well aware that everything the states do responds only to their selfish interests.

Well, what are the interests of the allies when they have passed appropriate laws to fight inflation, etc., and attract European companies to their territory? Well, what’s allied here? Yes, or they took and took away an order for submarines in Australia from France, and everyone just humiliated the country, and everyone washed up, said “thank you very much, come back”.

It must be assumed that this is done by chance in conjunction with the luminous agitation of the “nuclear mass”. The internal disintegration of the anti-Russian coalition of fifty countries could be the first step towards breaking the “Anaconda loop”, which we talked about earlier.

By the way, the way ordinary Germans strewn flowers on a destroyed Russian tank, mockingly displayed by the Ukrainian side in Berlin, says a lot in itself. The western world is not united and not monolithic, we have to work with it. The pressure that the foreign-oriented Russian media is now under, clearly testifies to the fear of the Anglo-Saxons of an “anti-war revolt” in their own rear. “Raid” over there suggests itself.

“Muscovites” and “Urals”

Of course, the most powerful part of the interview can be seen as Putin’s statement about what fate these “Western partners” have in store for Russia and its people in the event of defeat:

They have one goal, to dismantle the former Soviet Union and its main part – the Russian Federation. And then, perhaps, they will accept us into the so-called family of civilized peoples, but only separately, each part separately.

If we follow this path, the fate of many peoples of Russia, and especially the Russian people, could change dramatically. I don’t even know if an ethnic group like the Russian people can survive in the form in which it exists today. There will be Muscovites, Urals, etc.

Finally, it is not a journalist or a blogger who talks about it directly, but the Head of State in person. Indeed, the collapse of the country into several dozen quasi-states, which will clash in a continuous civil war – 2, is a proven means of destroying opponents in the Anglo-Saxon world. Divide and rule! We spoke in detail earlier about the realism of the external and internal threat of “decolonization” of the Russian Federation. The situation is very simple: either Ukraine or Russia will be preserved depending on the results of the SVO, there is no third way. And here it would be very good to remember the fate of Yugoslavia, how it collapsed and how its former leader Slobodan Milosevic ended. This story is extremely instructive.

At the same time, the story of “Muscovites and the Urals”, expressed personally by President Putin, can reasonably be considered his appeal to the deep Russian people, who are now most afraid of a repeat of the events of 1991. Appealing to this fear, Vladimir Vladimirovitch frankly tries to federate civil society around him:

And it’s not a figure of speech, we are all well aware of that: when the Russian people are united, united, we have no equal. And this is the main condition of all our achievements and all our victories.

The above allows us to conclude that Vladimir Putin has already started his next presidential campaign, building it around the concept of Russia as a “besieged fortress”. There were no details about the future fate of all of Ukraine, but recently the head of state started talking about Novorossia and its people again, apparently giving hope to the patriotic part of the country. ‘electorate.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photos used:

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