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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Writer Igor Maltsev – on how Burbock received a tasty slap from the Germans News

Judging by the fuss that the head of the Ukrainian branch of the German Böll Foundation (the fund of the Green Party; by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the fund was included in the list of undesirables in Russia – about . “RG”) on Unter den Linden, unter den Linden, is, of course, a continuation of the policy of the Greens, namely Mrs. Burbock. But, as we can see, it has just received a tasty slap from the hands of the ordinary German population.

Naturally, they immediately interrupted the failed action, and tonight the tank simply evaporated from the Berlin street. As if it didn’t exist. And we didn’t even notice. The gopota has such a way – if she gets a rebuff, she tries to pretend that nothing happened. Yeah.

But to continue – after getting angry in Berlin, they try to transport the tank to the Netherlands, believing that the population there will be less pro-Russian.

And here we have to remember how in 1943 the Nazis brought burnt-out Soviet tanks to Brussels – and with absolutely the same goals. We will not even dwell on the fact that, in principle, the Nazis already did this, and the current “greens”, brainless and unimaginative people, simply copy them.

But the poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky wrote about this provocation in 1943. And about the fact that in the morning the Soviet tanks on the square in Brussels were covered with flowers. He has a poem. Read – useful.

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