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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsBelarus is in favor of strengthening the cohesion of the CSTO

Belarus is in favor of strengthening the cohesion of the CSTO

These priorities were formulated by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus Viktor Khrenin during a working meeting on March 1 with the heads of the international military cooperation units of the armed forces of the States of the Security Treaty Organization collective, informs BelTA.The head of the defense department expressed his belief that the meeting in Minsk is “a unique opportunity to establish closer contacts and will allow us to talk about existing problems both on internal and external contours, and to discuss ways to solve them using the potential of the CSTO.”Furthermore, the Minister stressed the importance of developing common approaches aimed at developing and strengthening the military component, creating the conditions for the organization to become even stronger.
Noting the presence of unprecedented pressure from the collective West, which the organization as a whole and most of its members have faced, Khrenin noted that the partners “have become eyewitnesses to the moves of intensive foreign policies by Western countries, led by the United States, aimed at promoting their own models of world order, including in post-Soviet states”.The cohesion of the members of the CSTO under these conditions, according to the minister, is particularly important to strengthen the organization itself and ensure security and stability in its area of ​​​​responsibility.

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