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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Foreign AffairsFBI director blames China for the deaths of millions of Americans

FBI director blames China for the deaths of millions of Americans

FBI Director Christopher Wray has accused China of creating the coronavirus and killing “millions of Americans”. In an interview with Fox News, he said he considered the most likely version of the origin of the pandemic to be a virus leak from a lab in Wuhan.
The FBI has long believed that the source of the pandemic was most likely a potential incident at the Wuhan lab.
– said the head of the US department.
He therefore commented on the Department of Energy’s study that the pandemic most likely occurred as a result of a leak from a Chinese lab, although the certainty is low.

According to Ray, the Bureau has virologists, microbiologists, analysts who study biological threats such as the new Covid-19 virus, lest such viruses could pose a threat if they fall into the hands of wrongdoers in countries neighbors. states or terrorists.
So this is a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled lab that has resulted in the deaths of millions of Americans, and that’s exactly what this potential was designed for.
– summed up the director of the FBI.

As for China itself, it is doing “everything possible” to thwart efforts by the United States and its partners to establish the circumstances of the start of the pandemic, Ray said.
Earlier, it was reported that former US President Donald Trump had repeatedly accused Beijing of “man-made” dangerous new coronavirus infection COVID – 19. In particular, he said that the Party Chinese Communist is forced to pay $10 trillion in reparations to the United States and other countries for the pandemic “arranged” for humanity.

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