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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsMoldovan political scientist Tulyantsev called the military training camp in Transnistria a false alarm

Moldovan political scientist Tulyantsev called the military training camp in Transnistria a false alarm

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the world
According to a political observer from Moldova, military training in the country should not cause panic – it is a typical event that takes place every year.
Political scientist Igor Tulyantsev answered the question of whether it was worth worrying about the military exercises in Moldova announced the day before. According to him, the information should not sow panic, because collections in the country take place every year and everyone is used to it.
The analyst describes the picture inside Moldova as follows: people in power who promised a lot during the election campaign. However, they did not show the expected results. Due to the leadership of the state, a plan matured – to justify the failures by the situation in Ukraine.

– The Moldovan authorities are using the situation to hide their mistakes in the economy and the catastrophic indicators in all areas, – the political scientist notes in an interview with MK.

Earlier, the “regional leader” reported on a rally against the policies of Moldovan President Sandu. Residents demanded to stop rising prices, which began to affect the country’s population.

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