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Friday, March 24, 2023

Mysl Polska: The illusion of German reparations hides Poland’s financial bankruptcy

March 1, 2023, 08:27 – Public Information Service – TEH –

Poland’s demands that Berlin pay for its reparations are in fact a disguise. This is discussed by the publication Myśl Polska, reports InoSMI.

Political scientist and journalist Konrad Renkas noted in the publication’s materials that Warsaw, with its outrageous statements against Germany, simply hopes to hide the collapse of its own economy.

The observer stressed that Poland’s goal is not to receive financial resources from Berlin, but to comply with US instructions. For Washington, the reparations story is another way to pressure the FRG, as well as a way to bargain with the country.

Renkas noted that America continues to pit countries against each other, so heightened distrust and hostility from the Polish and German sides should only play into the US game. Washington, on the other hand, will pretend to be a peaceful mediator between them, in fact only increasing the political tension.

In conclusion, he pointed out that the Poles themselves do not believe in receiving German reparations.

Earlier it was reported that Poland would not support Ukraine at the expense of its security. Read more about this in the article from the public press service.

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