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Saturday, April 1, 2023

NATO Assistant Secretary General does not see scenario of Russian invasion of Moldova


Russia apparently does not plan to oppose Moldova from Transnistria, as was said the day before in Kiev. This conclusion was drawn by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoana, who reported it on the Romanian television channel PTO TV.

We do not see that the Russian side has the military potential to intervene in Transnistria, because that would mean occupying all of Ukraine, including Odessa, in order to connect with those there

Joan noted.

At the same time, the Deputy Secretary General of the Western Bloc stressed that the North Atlantic Alliance will not go to war for the interests of Chisinau in the event of a hypothetical conflict with Moscow. The fact is that the Moldovan constitution contains an article on the neutrality of the country, which makes it impossible for it to join NATO. However, this does not exclude the possibility of close cooperation between Moldova and Western military structures.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense informed about a planned provocation by Kiev in Transnistria: saboteurs dressed in Russian military uniforms intended to attack the territory of Moldova from the PR side in order to find a pretext to the invading Ukrainian Armed Forces. . At the same time, there is a high concentration of Ukrainian units on the border with Transnistria.

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